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NAMFS: Convicts On The Conference And Fundraising Committee

You just cannot make this shit up. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) nominated and currently has seated a man whom was convicted for an Invoicing Scheme well over ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Coming on the heels of NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller's refusal to remove SEAS LLC from NAMFS even with the historic criminal charges anticipated, Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, NAMFS Vice President seem comfortable allowing Joe Hummel to remain on the NAMFS Conference and Fundraising Committee along with the Membership and Education Committee.

Joe Hummel was a man on a mission. Hummel, it would appear, will stoop to any level to ensure that his aims and goals are met. It would appear that this type of behavior is ratified by the NAMFS Board of Directors by and through their illegal appointment of Hummel to their Board. Here, let's take a look at that which Elements of the NAMFS Board of Directors seem to condone,

The story, as we understand it, is that Hummel and two co-workers were embezzling large sums of money from Guido Lumber Company (GLC), in excess of $100k --- GLC did not respond to Foreclosurepedia's request for interview. It allegedly pertained to creating fake invoices and false documents to extract the money for themselves. Hummel was fired, but GLC never came after him for his actions until 2012 when he was living in Pennsylvania. GLC most likely never sought charges at the original time because he had nothing to take. Once Hummel's business got off the ground, GLC saw a way to gain from pursuing charges. I am not sure of how many charges Hummel originally received, or what they were, but I believe he was facing felony embezzlement based upon statements from Sources speaking on condition of anonymity. In order to save himself, Hummel snitched on two other guys, and agreed to pay back around $30k of restitution to Guido, as well as probation, and plead down to misdemeanor misappropriation of funds. That took it from $100k+ down to less than $500. Hummel borrowed all of the money to pay restitution, attorney’s fees, and court costs from his soon to be business partner. He had planned to hold the entire net of money from his Client to pay his way out of prison, and just not pay his contractors to do so. The business partner gave him a different option, so he took it. Foreclosurepedia's understanding is that Hummel has never paid more than a couple hundred dollars toward his debt to Hummel's business partner.

Nothing new with the levels of criminality --- and this time Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez have NO FUCKING WIGGLE ROOM AT ALL --- the NAMFS Regime Board will stoop to in order to get a kickback or payoff. In the case of Joe Hummel, I have no idea what Miller and Farelo-Fernandez are getting. I do know that both Miller and Farelo-Fernandez are both well aware of Hummel's criminal background and that he was convicted for an Invoice Scheme. I am sure there will be some new story about how Hummel is wrong or NAMFS didn't know or who the fuck knows. The evidence is listed above and continues to drive home the NAMFS Commitment to Fraud as is displayed by the refusal to conduct Ethics Investigations with respect to SEAS LLC.

Curious, though, how professional Joe Hummel's latest fucktard hustle Integrated Solutions are? Hey, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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