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Safeguard Properties: The Jewish Mafia Is Sued … Yet Again

Safeguard Properties (SGP), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Member, is back in the news today. As if anyone might ask why, they are being sued yet again. For all the bullshit that they like to lay out there about Compliance and adherence to the law, it comes as no surprise that the yarmulke wearing bandits came into the cross hairs up in Washington State. KOMO News, in Seattle Washington, has the latest of the litigation unfolding and the Washington State Attorney general admits to at lest ten active Complaints in their files.

KING5 News, in Seattle, did a huge investigation on precisely how bad it has become. In addition to all the usual NAMF Regime suspects, Nationstar made the list this time.

KING5 News still image on Foreclosure Problems in Washington State
KING5 News still image on Foreclosure Problems in Washington State

We are no longer talking about one or two or ten or a hundred properties. We are talking thousands of properties spanning the contiguous United States and beyond. The position of SGP appears to be that of since there are only a couple thousand folks injured, it doesn’t rise to the level of a problem. In fact, Robert Klein, the Founder and Chairman of Safeguard Properties has stated in the past,

Safeguard CEO Robert Klein told HuffPost that his company has implemented procedures to avoid the sorts of troubles outlined in the complaints. He dismissed the validity of accounts from former employees.

“I would not take their word as gospel,” he said, while declining to address the substance of Kubovcik’s documents. “I’m comfortable that when we report a property as vacant, that it really is vacant. The vast majority of properties we maintain are being done so correctly.”

Altisource, a foreign national based out of Luxembourg, and Nationstar are both in a world of revenue hurt. Foreclosurepedia reported on the fact that Altisource suffered a ninety one percent drop in income for Q1FY2015 compared to Q1FY2014, and Nationstar reported a $48.3 million dollar loss for the same period of time. The status quo, which remained deeply entrenched for years allowing for enormous brick and mortar National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills to dip their beaks into the US Taxpayer coffers, are now rapidly drying up. KING5 News did a great investigative report. The link below has the video,

When John Beal set his sights on a target, he knew just what to look for. If nobody was home, he might decide to break in.

Beal wasn’t a burglar. He used to work for banks and loan servicers, locking up and protecting homes that he determined were abandoned by homeowners.

“Typically, the first thing is to just kind of do a drive by and see what you’re up against,” said Beal.

KING5 News still image on Foreclosure Problems in Washington State
KING5 News still image on Foreclosure Problems in Washington State

Byron Brassfield is yet another unlucky Washingtonian whom has fallen victim to the Jewish Mafia in Cleveland, OH. Instead of waiting on the 20 day rule after formal eviction, the Jewish Mafia dispatched their Ghetto Police reminiscent of the WWII Polish Ghetto, out to kick the doors in even before the eviction notice had been served! No two ways around it in that Safeguard Properties issued the work order and accordingly it was they whom were directly responsible for dispatching their Goon Squad to descend upon Brassfield’s home. I base this upon the fact that their Goons; the Jewish Mafia’s Ghetto Thugs, had no ability to dispatch their own work order.

Brassfield’s attorney Chalmers Johnson built a theory around money for contractors. “Safeguard pays them by the cubic yard and so in order to get paid this guy takes all of Byron’s stuff and piles it in the yard and then takes a photograph so he can show how many cubic yards it is so he can get paid more,” Johnson said.

The reality is that the Jewish Mafia is not loosing a dime. By and through a process of back billing, insurance claims and other crafty contrivances, the Dons of the Polish Ghetto are raking in millions upon millions of dollars monthly. And the homeowners the Ghetto Police kicked in on and the innocent Men and Women of Labor the Jewish Mafia fucked? Yeah, they are still standing in line; marking time; and waiting on the welfare dime. No other religion on earth I can think of wherein this is not only condoned, but with enough money you get to buy a front row seat in service. At the end of the day, Robert Klein and Alan Jaffa now have precisely that which it appears they wanted: Their Very Own Jewish Gestapo!

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