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Joe Hummel: Why NAMFS Needs Regulatory Oversight

Foreclosurepedia has been, for months now, objecting to the illegal appointment of Joe Hummel currently employed by Integrated Solutions LLC (IS), to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). What Elements within NAMFS — Elements are how we are going to describe the entire sodden mess — seem not to understand is that without performing Due Diligence, there is danger in both violating the very Canons of the NAMFS By Laws and additionally granting favors to unknowns. This is the story of what is to come for Kim Fatica and Paramount Asset Management (PAM) should they not reevaluate their social media strategies.

Joe Hummel was a man on a mission. Hummel, it would appear, will stoop to any level to ensure that his aims and goals are met. It would appear that this type of behavior is ratified by the NAMFS Board of Directors by and through their illegal appointment of Hummel to their Board. Here, let’s take a look at that which Elements of the NAMFS Board of Directors seem to condone,

The story, as we understand it, is that Hummel and two co-workers were embezzling large sums of money from Guido Lumber Company (GLC), in excess of $100k — GLC did not respond to Foreclosurepedia’s request for interview. It allegedly pertained to creating fake invoices and false documents to extract the money for themselves. Hummel was fired, but GLC never came after him for his actions until 2012 when he was living in Pennsylvania. GLC most likely never sought charges at the original time because he had nothing to take. Once Hummel’s business got off the ground, GLC saw a way to gain from pursuing charges. I am not sure of how many charges Hummel originally received, or what they were, but I believe he was facing felony embezzlement based upon statements from Sources speaking on condition of anonymity. In order to save himself, Hummel snitched on two other guys, and agreed to pay back around $30k of restitution to Guido, as well as probation, and plead down to misdemeanor misappropriation of funds. That took it from $100k+ down to less than $500. Hummel borrowed all of the money to pay restitution, attorney’s fees, and court costs from his soon to be business partner. He had planned to hold the entire net of money from his Client to pay his way out of prison, and just not pay his contractors to do so. The business partner gave him a different option, so he took it. Foreclosurepedia’s understanding is that Hummel has never paid more than a couple hundred dollars toward his debt to Hummel’s business partner.

NAMFS Board Member Joe Hummel's Plea Deal For Embezzlement --- No Aspen Grove Here Huh?
NAMFS Board Member Joe Hummel’s Plea Deal For Embezzlement — No Aspen Grove Checks For NAMFS Board Members, Huh?

Since squirming his way out of that mess, he has stayed busy with NAMFS, LinkedIn, and Terry Platt with things like QC University, while other people within Keystone have been making it successful. The less Hummel does the fewer problems, it would appear. So Hummel stands on his soapbox, whether at conferences or on social media, and proclaims his excellence. Hummel has nothing to do with the success of Keystone, and all he has ever done is cause problems and made it difficult to be successful.

Last June, Hummel attempted to take all of the money and oust Keystone’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) whom had bailed him out of all of his trouble with GLC. Hummel had no more use for the CFO; Hummel didn’t want to share with him any longer nor with Keystone, and mainly because the CFO had a firm grasp on Keystone’s Financial Department.Keystone’s CFO never trusted Hummel with respect to the financials and labored to prevent access to any of Keystone’s Financial Accounts to ensure Hummel never had direct access to Keystone’s liquidity. Hummel had mentioned several times and on different occasions that he was “…tired of all of it…”  and that they should just take what 6 figures were in the net, and run.

Hummel was the guy that no one looked forward to talking to, and they tried to allow him to keep himself distracted with other things so he wouldn’t interfere with the grown up stuff. It was ok for him to just collect his paycheck; it was understood that he was going to continue to make himself look like a jackass, and stay out of everyone’s way. Sources speaking on condition of anonymity stated, “He is like that fat, ugly, red-headed step child that’s such a pain in the ass, but you can’t really get rid of him.” Once Hummel’s attempt to oust Keystone’s CFO didn’t work, Hummel looked for an exit strategy. Behind everyone’s back, he began sabotaging the entire business for several reasons, I presume. First, it appears, Hummel wanted Keystone to collapse once he snuck out in the dead of the night. Two, I believe that Hummel wanted to take all of Keystone’s Loyal Members of Labor to whatever company he jumped ship to — Integrated Solutions LLC (IS) ranks up there in my mind. Three, Hummel was a man full of spite — no, strike that as I cannot in good faith call him a man. Four, it appears that Hummel was hellbent on sucking every last dollar out of Keystone that he could until there wasn’t any money left because Hummel knew he would be leaving.

While Hummel was sabotaging Keystone, obviously the profitability started to diminish. As that happened, the ability to take a paycheck draw for the owners began to get difficult. While Hummel’s Partners took pay cuts; held checks for weeks to cash them and went without pay completely, Hummel never missed a payday. Hummel took his full salary on the day he was supposed to get it, no matter who suffered or how financially unsafe it was.  In order for Hummel to be able to take as many paychecks as he possibly could before he punched out, he started firing Loyal Members of Labor without anyone’s knowledge so that Hummel could place them on admin hold and make funds available for as long as he could. When Hummel finally jumped ship, he had already been getting paid by Integrated Solutions for at least 3 months.

Sources speaking on condition of anonymity stated, “The owner of IS had asked Joe to run his own company into the ground, give him all of his resources, and come join him as his CEO.” Hummel obliged and started receiving a SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR A YEAR salary on 01 January 2015 and that’s when he told everyone at Keystone he was moving on to new ventures.

Meanwhile, in the fucked up world of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, the good ol’ boys club keeps trucking along. Hummel was elected as a board member of NAMFS last September at the annual conference. Once Hummel moved to this Integrated Solutions LLC (IS), he apparently lost his seat as a Board Member, but remained a sub-committee sinmember for education. I am not sure of the actual reason behind Hummel losing his seat, but Elements within NAMFS have intimated that IS is considered a National Order Mill because of the number of states they service. With that being said, Hummel held a regional level seat, and could no longer retain that seat because of his new National Status with IS. He plans to run for a National Seat this year, while dominating all of their conference calls and running sub-committees in the meantime.

It would appear to me that Hummel also plans to defraud Members of Labor, in similar manner as IS has a “Hey craigslist guy, go take some pictures for me” approach to labor. Hummel’s endgame would appear to be to learn everything he can while at IS; develop relationships with Members of Labor and Clients all the while building up a bankroll for start-up capital, so he can take everyone and everything he can from IS to go start his own company again.

Being a legend in his own mind, it appears that Hummel honestly feels that everyone at Keystone were benefitting from his success, when it has clearly always been the other way around. Hummel probably isn’t even capable of putting the whole thing together himself anyway, but that is his intention. For NAMFS to allow him to be associated with them, and for anyone in this industry to allow him to be involved with their business, is an absolute nightmare. It is par for the course, though, and something which Eric Miller and the entire NAMFS Board of Directors have embraced going all the way back to the days of the disgraced and now departed NAMFS Secretary Heather Berghorst.

As NAMFS Elements meet en banc at their Leadership Convention in Texas, perhaps the question should be presented as to how precisely it is that Joe Hummel was ever appointed to the NAMFS Board of Directors in direct contravention to the NAMFS By Laws. More on point, perhaps the question ought to be asked how it is precisely that not a single Rank and File Member of NAMFS has ever been allowed to vote upon the Election of the Board of Directors let alone for the ungodly pay hikes which its Executive Director, Eric Miller, receives each year — roughly ten thousand dollars a year. Miller currently makes well over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES!

Foreclosurepedia has rarely, if ever, advocated for staunch support of an Order Mill. In the case of Keystone, Foreclosurepedia remains cautiously optimistic that its current Leadership, to the man, is dedicated to ensuring that Members of Labor are compensated in both a fair and timely manner. In typical NAMFS flair, yet another tragedy has been begotten by yet another NAMFS Board Member appointed directly by Eric Miller.

Paul Williams
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