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NAMFS: Companies Referring Themselves For Membership

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has proven that truth is stranger than fiction. AMC REO, a firm out of Spokane, Washington, is owned by Josh Mileham. We actually wrote an Article about Mileham and the typical NAMFS Regime level of game he brought to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Now, I want to open up everyone’s eyes to precisely how hard up the NAMFS Regime is for Members. To Set the Stage, take a look at this portion of the recent NAMFS Recruitment Announcements — yeah, the one that had Michigan Realty Solutions alleging that Altisource had written them Reference Letters. The Reference Letter alleged by NAMFS and Michigan Realty Solutions was adamantly denied by Altisource. The clipped portion is from the 25FEB14 NAMFS News,

NAMFS Failing To Perform Due Diligence
NAMFS Failing To Perform Due Diligence

Now, I want everyone to pay attention to several things. First, AMCREO, Incorporated (AMCREO). AMCREO has an address of 2430 Hoffman Avenue, Spokane, WA, on file with the Washington Secretary of State. So, that is contrary to the address being displayed by the NAMFS Regime. Next, let’s take a look at Luxe Design. They have an address of 2430 Hoffman Avenue, Spokane, WA, on file with the Washington Secretary of State. Now, Luxe Design was suspended on 29APR12 and had two (02) Workplace Health and Safety Violations issued. Josh Mileham is listed as owner upon both the suspended Luxe Design and AMCREO.

So class, let’s recap. Josh Mileham lists Liberty Lake, WA, as his AMCREO company’s address — that’s right down the road from Spokane, WA. Next, Josh uses a non existent Company which had Workplace Health and Safety Violations issued against it — sounding like Adam Miles, NAMFS Regime President, in the Violations area yet?! — to recommend AMCREO which he owns for NAMFS Regime Membership.

You know what? The NAMFS Regime didn’t blink an eye. As a matter of fact, AMCREO is now listed as a Member of the NAMFS Regime. Now, is that because the level of fraud and corruption is literally so systemic and prolific that it appeared to be normal? Is it because the reality is that in the same way that the NAMFS Regime turns down Memberships which appear to me to be potential civil rights violations, the NAMFS Regime is simply incapable of performing due diligence in their Investigations? I mean I really do not know. What I DO KNOW IS THAT Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime Executive Director and recipient of over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES is on the hook for this one.

When Foreclosurepedia broke the story about Chuck Sockol, former Lender Processing Services hack and current Vice President at ASONS alleged involvement in the gleaning of Membership Information for ASONS’ gain, lo and behold the NAMFS Regime is without a Membership Chairman. Surprised me, but then again Eric Miller was forwarded a copy of an email from me several months back by Chuck.

The irony in all of this is that Mileham’s wife, Callie, should be credited for me drilling down a bit deeper. When I got in this evening, I was going through all of my Foreclosurepedia Off Line Chat Messages. One originated from Callie. The entirety of the exchange is below,

Name: Callie Mileham Email: Message: Wow, why don\’t you get your facts straight. I have no idea who you are but man you sure spent a ton of time doing research on us. Why don\’t you call us for the truth. Via WP Live Chat Support.

Amanda Lynn Burke Buczek's Competition
Mileham’s Mugshot From Google+

My Reply: My guess is that you are AMC REO. Odd Josh wouldn’t contact me, but irrelevant at the end of the day. Was also rather confused by all the \ signs, but hey.

I have one article for you folks:  from 02FEB14.
Please do not flatter yourself in thinking I pay much attention to you, it is unbecoming of a lady — I presume you are female, but who knows on the Left Coast these days. As you didn’t take the time to set up your Google Profile I have no idea.

Now, let’s talk about the truth. If you people really want your 15 minutes of fame, I will gladly award it. I am hard pressed for time destroying multi million dollar firms like Buczek, but hey whatever floats your boat. Before you are even ignorant enough to run your pretty little mouth about lawyers, Assurant is valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars; good chance they own the insurance provider whom you hacks are covered through (if you still have insurance), and they backed down. Spare me the time and energy of being  disrespectful and simply have your lawyer serve me. When I am done making a fool of your lawyer and you I will then collect my money — yes, I represent myself and have been to law school — and move on.

I am going to chalk up your pissy attitude to youthful indiscretion. Ask your husband precisely how far this should go. With that said, take a couple of Xanax and get some sleep.

My Second Reply:

Ah, now I get it. See, I would have never caught on! Kinda hard for Josh to refer himself isn’t it?! You see, Josh owned Luxe Design which is no longer a business and had Violations. Jesus lady. I mean what did you folks think? Lux to Luxe to AMC. Well, I do appreciate the tip and I will be sure to get this in print just as quick as I can!  😉

Inline image 1

Callie’s Reply: I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Do not contact me anymore, if you do I won’t respond, you are not worth my time, thank you have a great day!

Sent from my iPhone

Um, hey lady, you wrote me, remember?! Hey, you gotta give props to the girl. She thought she would brow beat me in a way not dissimilar to how she probably brow beat’s Josh. Ach, not on my watch. Instead of letting dead dogs lie, Callie now has placed the NAMFS Regime into yet ANOTHER INEXTRICABLE EXAMPLE of fraud and corruption. Or, even worse, perhaps this is business as usual?!

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