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Berghorst Enterprises Staring Down Multiple Lawsuits

Heather Berghorst, Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime and owner of Berghorst Enterprises and Heritage Home Solutions, is heading back to Court ... again. Berghorst is most famous for her involvement with Altisource and vice versa with respect to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Berghorst is also infamous for threatening to sue Foreclosurepedia under RICO Statutes in an apparent attempt to silence our reporting upon her failure to pay Contractors when she, in fact had been paid by Altisource. In a strange twist of fate, Altisource reinitiated business with Berghorst under her new Heritage Home Solutions. As Foreclosurepedia reported upon, Heritage Home Solutions was terminated on 29 October 2013  as a business entity.

Several of the hundreds of anticipated lawsuits against Heather Berghorst have begun to percolate through the judicial system. James Ulrich and Chad Wuchter have both filed lawsuits in the State of Wisconsin, so far.

Now, this is where the story becomes more and more concerning. What we know is that Berghorst Enterprises LLC was created on 29 June 2001 and bore signatures from Douglas and Heather Berghorst in the original formation. On 13 March 2013 Heather Berghorst created an Assumed Name of Heritage Home Solutions underneath Berghorst Enterprises LLC.

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