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This is an update to the David Spillers, David vs. Goliath, story which was covered by ABC News in July, 2013. We have yet to receive any comment from Mid Ohio Field Services and quite frankly do not anticipate any. We are hopeful that any previous or current Contractors might reach out and speak with us either on or off the record. This is one of the stories which really makes no sense. I have never quite understood why Companies are allowed the freedom to trample upon the Civil Rights that I fought to defend. I am posting Spillers’ Letter here tonight and will have the final by line out by the end of the week as we are also waiting on Comment from Wells Fargo with respect to their position of Outsourcing Photos to India.

My name is David Spillers, I was a contractor for MidOhio in Arkansas. I recently left MidOhio because of their unethical practices. I covered most of the state until the first part of July. Regardless of what they may be telling you, MidOhio has very little if any coverage in Arkansas.  For many months now I have had to fight for full payment from MidOhio. I have received many work orders approving debris removals, I then go out and remove all the debris, take many pictures, turn it in and then wait for my check. According to MidOhio employees(the few they now have) it is now company policy to only pay for 10cyds of debris and then wait on you, the client to see if you pay them for the full amount. If you pay the full amount then MidOhio will send me additional payment(however as of yet that hasn’t happened). I have been in this business for many years and enjoy the work. I am very experienced in the field and in processing. I have never had so much trouble receiving payment until now. I was with MidOhio for more than a year. When I first started I could call anytime and talk to a manager or even the owners, but now I have trouble talking to anyone in the office. If I have questions from the field MidOhio has no one who can answer them with any real knowledge. I have asked for HUD specs and they never send them, but then they back charge me because they say a tarp job or a boarding job was not done to HUD specs.  I have several work orders that I have either not been paid for or MidOhio paid but then charged back my account. I had 3 crews working at the beginning of the year but due to low payment, i.e. $20 per grass cut, water caps $5 (you pay them $75),  capping bare wires $.50 (you pay $15) and on and on,  I could no longer afford to have employees. I had to scale back my coverage area so that I could handle all the work myself. At the beginning of July I had it with MidOhio. I spent the day on the phone with several of their employees over a pay dispute, by the end of the day we had worked out the pay difference and MidOhio was to send me an additional check for $330. I was told in an email the check was going out that day. Less than 1 hour later I received another email informing me of several pending back charges that totaled around $1000. That’s when I lost it. I then sent an unruly and colorful email to management, that led to my termination. That was stupid on my part and I take full responsibility. I then sent an apology through email and told them that if they ever needed me back, that I would help them out of a jam. However, Anacris Quezada and Melissa Parada, saw fit to permanently terminate me. I understand totally, however, that’s why your orders are in the shape their in. They had the help but chose to go another direction and now its costing YOU. I told them that evening that I would no longer work for them. I never received that $330 check. Today, July 12th was pay day, but now MidOhio has decided that they need to perform an audit on my account, so they are holding my check until further notice to perform the audit. It does not say in my contract that they can do this, but MidOhio believes they can do anything they want with other peoples money. Therefore, I am conducting an audit myself. Personally, if it wasn’t for Kelly Montgomery, Marianne Marshall and Kristina Gutierrez, that company wouldn’t survive. Such good people in terrible workplace! Those 3 people are the only ones that can get anything done in a timely fashion! MidOhio wants its contractors and employees to reach for the stars, but hand you a step ladder! Then to kick the legs out from under you! Good luck to MidOhio, but when your turn over rate for employees, is weekly, it hurts us all! I have listed a few work orders that I am currently disputing with MidOhio. I have been lied to and deceived countless times by MidOhio so I am asking you to look over these orders and let me know if payment was made to MidOhio and for what amounts.  I am currently pursuing legal action against MidOhio. I have many past employees and other contractors who have already talked to my attorney. I am telling you all of this to inform you of MidOhio’s practices. If they will lie to me, I’m sure they will lie to you.
Thank you for all of your help.
241828214  1721 W Shrot 17th, North Little Rock
invoiced for 30cyds, however have not been paid due to audit of account
241843429  448 turpen, hot springs, work order stated to remove 22cyds exterior debris, removed all exterior debris, paid for 10cyds, job notes on the invoice say holding 12cyds pending client payment
242148161  41 Oak Forest, Maumelle, work order stated to remove 27cyds exterior debris, removed all exterior debris, paid for 10cyds, job notes on invoice say holding 17cyds pending client payment
242221486  41 Oak Forest, Maumelle removed all carpet throughout property, have not been paid, have email documentation that we would be paid accordingly.


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