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Foreclosurepedia To Be Awarded Municipal Contract

Opportunities are all around Contractors each and every day to land Contracts and make money. One recent example is that in rural Blaine, which is the closest town to where we live, they are having a waste treatment plant put in. Most folks cannot even imagine not having a sewer; out here we have no comprehension of fluoride in the water.

Grainger County, where we live, is predominately about as remote as you can get other than say Love County, Texas. We have only one stop light in the entire county. Everyone out here has a well and a septic tank; internet is generally satellite. I actually had to represent Crystal and I in front of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to force Frontier to give us internet. I then organized a Campaign which forced them to run an additional 15 miles of fiber out here which still only gives us 0.3 megabits up and 5.95 megabits down (different than bytes). Stop the Cap actually did a big story on me back in May, 2011.

Each and every day Municipal, County, State and Federal Contracts are all around you; the Contracts are simply waiting for you to bid and be awarded! Rurally, some of the best and most lucrative are Federal Projects. An example of some are Post Office Contracts (yes, we are pending several). Also, remember that all of the utility and telecommunication bunkers need to be weed eated around! Yup, we do those too! Below is a photo of the most recent one which we are unofficially predicted to win later this year.

If you are simply sick and tired of the Hope and Change; if your dollars are really cents, why not reach out today and get a DUNS and SAM Account?! We represent both multi million dollar Clients and sole proprietors whom do not even make enough to file taxes!


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