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Mid Ohio Field Services: The Plot Thickens

David Spillers, owner of S & S Landscaping and Construction in Host Springs Valley, Arkansas, had a problem. We spoke with him about that problem. The problem was that he, like many Americans, awoke every morning and went to work in accordance with that which his Masters wanted done. Most Masters paid their hired hands like David and the the world he lived in functioned much like most Americans. Enter Mid Ohio Field Services (Mid Ohio). Mid Ohio, it would seem, had an ax to grind with Spillers. This Master did not want to pay him for nearly $3,000 of work Spillers said he was owed for. This story is a bit different than most we do. First, Spillers went to his local ABC News Station and they did a story on him. I actually reached out to the Reporter whom covered the story, Jason Pederson, and had an off the record conversation with him. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s so to speak.

What makes this story different from the rest of the stories I cover is that we have a highly volatile combination of High Frequency Players whom absolutely do NOT want bad press; bad PR ginned up with Google SEO is a recipe for disaster. We have Wells Fargo allegedly upset about the outsourcing of work orders being reviewed in India; we have Property Preservation Wizard (PPW) being named by Spillers as shutting down access to Spillers and revoking his ability to access information with specificity to monies owed and work orders and services rendered — I want to dwell here a moment. As more and more Order Mills like Mid Ohio and other Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) require Contractors to receive their work order distribution through third parties it is my opinion that these very same third parties such as Property Preservation Wizard are legitimate parties to litigation. It should also be noted that Property Preservation Wizard is a Member of NAMFS.  Anyone seeing a trend here?!!!

I am going to do some deep digging on this Story. That is why I am only putting out a thumbnail. I would like to speak with any other Contractors whom have had issues with Mid Ohio Field Services or have, in my opinion, had their data held hostage by third party providers.

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