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BLB and Matt Martin Get New Round Of Protests

BLB Resources (BLBR) and Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM) are both now embroiled in a new round of Protests with respect to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.5 Asset Management (AM) Contract. Industry Insiders state that the feeling is that not counting 2011 revenue is unfair; however, not the only reasons for Protest.

Foreclosurepedia has reached out to MMREM, Matt Martin himself and Marc Zbinden whom is the Executive Vice President for Technology for comments at all times including well before any official HUD Announcements were made as to the Awardees. To date, no one from MMREM has returned calls or emails. We have additionally reached out to BLB Resources on multiple occasions to no avail as well.

As a personal reflection and as a tax paying US Citizen, I would personally be gravely concerned with the Awarding of any Contracts to entities whom refuse to communicate with members of the media or public-at-large. While HUD and its Awardees may believe that they are beyond the scrutiny of the American Public, the reality is that lies squarely within Congressional Control. Both the Secretary of HUD and the Administration would do well to remember that. In a time when HUD vis a vis the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) are toting well over a TRILLION DOLLARS IN GUARANTEED LOANS, the question becomes whether or not HUD wishes to continue with what is becoming perceived as a charade in the eyes of the Public in its support of its Awards.

Unless and until there are some fundamental changes within the HUD M&M Director’s Office, the looser in all of this is the US Taxpayer. HUD knows fully well that Protests will occur when they push the envelope of sensibility. The HUD Procurement Law Division (PLD) has, time and again, had to step in to issue guidance on how to navigate these rough spots. Isn’t it time that the American Public call HUD on the carpet for their actions? No Protests had to be issued; had HUD simply been transparent we would not be in the situations we are in today.

Call your Senator and Congressman today and request an Official Congressional Inquiry with respect to the Asset Management and Field Service Management Contracts (FSM) issued by HUD. The reality is that you are a Taxpayer and how the HUD Director of the M&M spends your money is relevant.

We are going to expand upon this story this evening and include copies of the Protests as well as a copy of Small Business Administration (SBA) Form 355 which is used to make a Size Determination. If you are a business which feels it has been discriminated against in the recent HUD Round of Awards, feel free to reach out to us and let’s talk!

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