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This entry is part 8 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud
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Micheal Breese: A Failed Marriage, An Eviction And Millions In Debt

This entry is part 8 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud

Micheal Breese, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HomeStar Property Solutions — no, wait it’s HomeStar I now or hell I can’t keep up with all of his fraud — is the epitome of how not to be a man. Straight up. Let me walk you through this twisted maze in a manner which only a trained media professional such as myself is capable of doing.

Skip Schenker spoke with Michael Breese, CEO of Energy REO Solutions, on 03NOV10, about remediation services and property preservation to the residential and commercial REO industry along with 203K rehabs. Energy REO, along with Skip Schenker, went the same way as HomeStar Property Solutions  — straight down the side of his leg.

Virtually anything which deals with National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members ends badly. No two ways about it. And the common theme amongst all of them is this: If you are a NAMFS Regime Member — there is a difference between NAMFS Rank and File and NAMFS Regime Members, but I am hard pressed to make the distinction — chances are you are an extremely shitty parent. I want to quantify that for just a moment.

In May, 2014, Londa Lee Breese filed for divorce against Micheal Joseph Breese. The case was captioned as In the Matter of the Marriage of Londa Lee Breese vs. Micheal Joseph Breese and in the Interest of Camryn Breese. Mikey, being what strikes me as the typical worthless sack of shit whom lauds over themselves like Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director does, apparently had not a clue. Normally, it is the man whom separates from the woman and not vice versa. If you ask me, apparently Mikey must have been having some problems keeping the wifey in the bed; perhaps all that fraud Mikey was kicking around was making Little Willey just a wee bit shy in the performance department.

Temporary orders hearing. Witnesses sworn and evidence presented. The Court appoints the Mother and Father as JMC. Father will have the exclusive right to determine the child’s residence. Family wizard ordered. Social study ordered. Father to pay for social study. Right of first refusal if parent leaves the child with someone else for more than a period of 24 hours. Mother to have expanded standard possession. No child support ordered. Father ordered to maintain insurance on the child. Each party to pay one half of all medical expenses not covered by insurance. The Court orders the Minnesota home sold. Father granted possession and use of it until sale. Proceeds to be divided 50/50. Father to pay expenses for the home until sold. Father to have exclusive use and possession of the Texas home. Wife awarded use and possession of the Denali. Father awarded use of Mercedes and Range Rover and father ordered to surrender Range Rover to lease company. Both parties enjoined from consuming alcoholic beverages in the 12 hour period before possession. Both parties enjoined from operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated while in possession of the child. Both parties enjoined from having companions of the opposite sex spend the night at his or her residence while in possession of the child. Spousal support stays in effect.

Ironically, when the end of the nearly one year long dog and pony show was over, Little Mickey ended up being sued for eviction not once, not twice BUT THREE FUCKING TIMES this year alone! At the time of litigation, Breese’s residence was listed in court records as 904 Twin Creek DR , Allen, TX . You have to give this fucktard some credit, though. Richard and Evgeniya Widdowson, proprietors of Leap Realty, LLC d/b/a Leap Property Management, filed eviction proceedings in April; twice in May and were finally successful in getting this deadbeat out of their property in June of this year. In fact, they finally obtained a Judgement against Breese on  09 June 2015. Breese, the quintessential NAMFS Regime #Fraudster that he is, appealed that Judgement which was ultimately unsuccessful. Instead of moving on and perhaps paying Labor what he owed with some of the monies he was blowing in his dick waiving contest, this stupid cocksucker filed a Small Claims Court case against the Widdowsons. Makes perfect sense. Why pay Labor the millions of dollars you owe them when you can beat up on elderly property owners you rent from?!

Micheal Breese demonstrates to me precisely why the Court was hesitant in awarding sole custody of Camryn to he. Three-time losers doing life in California prisons for non violent felonies might be surprised to learn that the inability to oversee an unregulated, multi billion dollar Mortgage Field Services Industry is just the tip of the iceberg. True to the bolt of cloth which all NAMFS Regime #Fraudsters seem to be cut from,

Dan Buczek raised his kids in the same way he believed: Everyone owes you something. As a matter of fact, by the time that Shane, Adam and Amanda Buczek were teenagers, he was already lining their hands with Liberty Coins and preaching the Gospel of Sovereignty all the while letting his kids and his family be detained by law enforcement over twelve hours for, in essence, passing off false currency. Did NAMFS say anything? Nope. But, it gets better. In a manner which Micheal Breese will soon see his child emulate, so to did Dan Buczek’s son, Shane, head off to prison at a very rapid rate of acceleration. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) does a better job at laying out the insanity than I as you will read below.

[F]ollowing a four-day trial and about 90 minutes of deliberations, a federal court jury found Shane C. Buczek, 40, of Derby, guilty of bank fraud and that earlier today, after deliberating for only an additional 30 minutes, that same jury found Buczek guilty of committing the bank fraud violation while he was free on bail in an unrelated case in which he is accused of passport fraud.

Buczek used a fictitious account at Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation of New York City to “pay off” balances he incurred on an HSBC credit card in buying electronic equipment and expensive home appliances from Best Buy in Hamburg. Use of the non-existent account made it look like Buczek had a zero balance just long enough for Buczek to make additional purchases before his payment “bounced.” In all, Buczek, who had only a $3,300 line of credit, made about $8,900 in purchases in this manner, never intending to pay for them. Ms. Baumgarten stated further that once HSBC discovered Buczek’s scheme, Buczek sent HSBC a fictitious “bonded promissory note” reflecting that Buczek had $100 million in yet another fictitious account supposedly maintained for him by the U.S. Treasury. The merchandise Buczek obtained from Best Buy was seized from his home by federal agents during a search conducted pursuant to a warrant issued by Magistrate Judge Jeremiah J. McCarthy.

And Winston Shrout, Jean Keating, and Christopher Marrero? Well, you see, therein lies the rub as the bard would say.

If it had only stopped there, we could all call it a day, perhaps, and head home, but the NAMFS Regime is much like the Energizer Bunny in that it keeps going and going! Don McPherson, Vice President of Coastal Mortgage down in Florida has done a sterling job of raising his son in the NAMFS Regime way. Here, take a read,

Don McPherson’s son committed one of the most heinous crimes which a human being is capable of. Don McPherson Jr was convicted of murdering a 15 year old girl — not just run of the mill murder, he strangulated her taking over THREE MINUTES to finish his brutal act. Originally charged with rape – sexual assault, these charges were left by the wayside over technicalities as I see it. This has to color how McPherson Sr sees those whom search for justice; this would, in my opinion, explain his vitriol towards Foreclosurepedia.

At the end of the day, these people whom occupy the inner sanctums of the NAMFS Regime only mimic humanity. They are but mere shells of what they used to be before climbing out of the gutter they were in and diving, head first, into the sewer known as NAMFS under the Miller Regime. Predators, whether they be pedophiles or financial terrorists like the NAMFS Regime are the same no matter how you slice them. Speaking as a father, there is no way in hell I would EVER allow Micheal Breese around my son.

Defenders of Eric Miller and NAMFS quickly point out that while NAMFS may have had a few ethical fuck ups here and there, the only thing they have done wrong is not implement enough oversight like the bullshit background checks currently being rammed down Labor’s throats in one of the largest and most illegal money grabs the Mortgage Field Services Industry has ever seen. As of 1500EDT yesterday, we have concrete proof that this is a lie. I received the NAMFS IRS Form 990 which presented to me the true width and breadth of financial crisis which they are involved in.

More on point, though, their Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Michael J Busta, not only missed areas which required information LIKE THE INCLUSION OF ERIC MILLER AS RECEIVING OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR — he is now paid, as we predicted, $120,215 per year. That is yet another $10,000 per year raise and not bad when the last fiscal year for NAMFS ushered in a FIFTY THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SEVEN DOLLAR LOSS!

This is the mentality we are dealing with; this is the rewarding of incompetency with obscene amounts of cash to enrich Miller and his family while Labor continues to get fucked by he and his goddamn Regime! While Busta — I love that name as you cannot by PR like that — was out fucking the pooch on the rest of the NAMFS IRS Form 990, apparently he, Eric Miller and Paul Magaha were all spinning on the same proverbial horse cock. You see, Miller and Magaha, NAMFS Treasurer, attested under penalty of perjury on Schedule O, that they had both reviewed the NAMFS IRS Form 990. These fucking douche bags could not even figure out how to spell the name of the very street wherein the NAMFS Mailing Address is upon. — More on that mess later this weekend!

This is a brief article to bring Micheal Breese into view, once again. We are going to crank up the heat and this time it very well may cost him his visitation with Camryn. For the first time in history we are going to begin to release information from the ISTAR Clear Base Repository into the Public Domain. And if Breese looses his child, I will give no more thought about it than passing salt at the dinner table. When people like he and Eric Miller engage in the wholesale rape and financial terrorism which they do, whether Miller’s role is active or the typical Eric Holder wink and a nod faggotry, they are guilty ab initio. Financial terrorism, no matter how cloaked it may be, is nothing novel. At last count, Little Mikey was sitting at around $7 Million owed. Eric Miller has known about this and has done nothing to prevent it. Mark my words that by the Gods, whether in this life or the next, I will see he and his stool pigeons pulling hard time upstate and fluffing the pillow and other items for his cellmate.

To close this out, I want to make sure that his colleagues whom he fired and cut short on their pay, to know this from my lips to their ears. I will do everything in my power to ensure none of you ever work in this Industry again. Whether it be Jessica Peterson whom had Jenn Fore draft that pretty letter last year or, more recently, Peter Blonigen, Little Mikey’s Financial Comptroller. When I am done crafting what I have in rough draft form, all of you will be lucky to be sacking hamburgers at McDonalds. There is no difference between what you people covered up and what your fucktard boss perpetrated. I had the same policy with those whom left AMS when Lee Mertins and his Gang of Eight bolted from there. There will be no peace; there will never, ever be any relenting in my pursuit of justice on behalf of the innocent men and women of Labor whom you cowards cashed in upon. Foreclosurepedia always has been and always will be a Friend of Labor.

Tick toc; tick, toc. You know what that sound is? It is the sound of your lives becoming unmanageable as I continue to reveal the deep, dark truths which bind each of you together in an incestuous web. I will not let up; I will not stop. I will prevail.

Finally, Micheal Breese is this week’s recipient of the Bitch Boi Motherfucker Award. We will have it proudly displayed on the Foreclosurepedia Flagship website later this evening. Good job, Little Mikey. You never let me down in my assessment that you would pose a clear and present danger left unattended around Camryn. And remember one thing homie. I am not one of your pussy contractors; you hold NO SWAY over me! Take 5 and go powder that nose, baby.  😉

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