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M And M Mortgage Services: These Guys Get It!

I was recently down in South Carolina working with a Client on their Information Technology issues and we had the opportunity to discuss how their Portfolio was working for them. Amongst other names, M&M Mortgage Services (MMMS) came up. Now, MMMS is a Rank and File Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). I don’t hate them for it; if it works, it works. My Client, whom I have a lot of respect for as they cover the ENTIRE State of South Carolina with a W2 Employee Work Force, spoke highly of MMMS. Truth be known, this is not the first time I have heard this with respect to MMMS. The only musing this Client or some others have had is that they would love a far larger volume. Perhaps 2015 is the year?!

Being the sceptic, though, I decided to observe the Work Order Process (WOP). Now, I didn’t have access to the information; however, I was notified when the WOP began. True to the statements earlier, the WOP was seamless and took very little time.

This is a brief article on MMMS. MMMS is currently in the ISTAR Database with a Five Star Rating. Tomorrow, I am going to drill down heavily upon them to explain why Foreclosurepedia recommends to Members of Labor MMMS is probably going to be a sure bet. In Full Disclosure, I have ABSOLUTELY NO RELATIONSHIP, business or personal, with MMMS. What I do have is a vested interest in partnering Labor and Management together in healthy and productive relationships. If anyone at MMMS would like to speak, even off the record or as a Source Speaking on Condition of Anonymity, I would love to chat and discuss why it is that Members of Labor seem not only to be happy, but to enjoy working with MMMS. Likewise, this offer is extended to Members of Labor. Folks, we need to begin getting the word out about those whom are doing it right. I cannot do this without your help! Make TODAY the day you reach out and talk to #Foreclosurepedia and not just about MMMS, but any Member of Management or Labor you believe is deserving of some good PR! And why not make TODAY the day to help #Foreclosurepedia by Clicking the Donate tab to further the No Contractor Left Behind Campaign we have waged for over three years now?

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