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Impropriety In Federal Contracting: Why We Need A Union

Everyone whom reads Foreclosurepedia knows that graft and corruption is rampant within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Even the Executive Director of the National Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), Eric Miller, acknowledged as much. In a June 2013 Digital Edition of HousingWire’s Focus Quarterly, Miller was quoted as saying,

Recent reports have tended to paint the entire mortgage field services industry in a negative light. At the core are some serious allegations.

I give props to Miller on that portion of the Article entitled, Word On The Street: Mitigating Risk With Broader Base of Professionalism. Miller has a tough job all bullshit aside. Rebounding from the Dean Counce Conviction; Safeguard Properties in the tank over Federal Racketeering and Foreclosurepedia breathing down his neck like a prom date Miller is not living the Ticket Punching Promise of the Executive Directorship of NAMFS.

Sometimes, though, a close look at NAMFS Members is all anyone needs to realize that the possibility of corruption is sometimes right under your fingertips … literally.

The November/December 2006 Journal of Payment Systems Law on Page 653 and 654 has a pretty good way of putting things,

Gifts Based on Bona-Fide Personal Relationships — A key exception to the gift giving prohibitions is when a gift is based on family relationships and personal friendships. A key factor in determining whether this exception applies includes the history of the relationship. Thus, the fact that you, as a government contractor, may have become friendly with a government employee does not convert a gift from you and your company to one based on friendship. In general if your relationship with a government employee predated your business-related contacts, gifts will be subject to less scrutiny than if the friendship arose by virtue of the business dealings.

We are going to begin drilling down heavily upon the Reporting of Prime Vendors, Contractors and Sub Contractors over the holidays. Stay tuned, because you are not going to want to miss this!

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