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Dean Counce: Why NAMFS Quivers In Fear

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services is really not having a good year. NAMFS is loosing Members, has a Reputation across the Internet as a Corrupt Organization (half a dozen folks are stating this, not just me), has a Non Accredited Training Program which is so pathetic it requires the rolling out of a FORTY PERCENT PRICE REDUCTION … I mean this is simply tragic. Hell, they should have hired Foreclosurepedia to handle their PR one would think!  😉

Heather Berghorst, Owner of Berghorst Enterprises and NAMFS Board Member; Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation; Amir Jaffa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Safeguard Properties; Carolyn …

Reeves, Mortgage Contracting Services and now Concentric Equity Group; Robert Kapeluch, CEO of SEAS LLC along with many, many others are all Members of an Elite Club. They are all accused of Defrauding Contractors. Amir Jaffa, though, stands out even more as he is now facing federal racketeering charges in the US District Court of Western Pennsylvania.

The Star of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, though, is Dean Counce. That’s right, take a look at his LinkedIn Profile and you will see that he PROUDLY DEMONSTRATES TO THE WORLD that he was a Member of NAMFS. Counce and Eric Miller. Yeah, boy that brings good ‘ol back slapping memories, doesn’t it?! Let me relate how the United States Department of Justice puts it,

In my opinion, Mr. Counce’s greed driven deception is an example of the worst type of criminal behavior,” said John Joyce, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Secret Service, Tampa. “He exploited and profited from a multitude of fabricated inspection reports, thus taking advantage of a downturned economy.  The Secret Service aggressively pursues these and other types of financial crimes with the help of our local, state and federal law enforcement partners.”

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services has become nothing more glamorous than a Network of Organized Crime as I see it. Under the Leadership of Eric Miller as Executive Director and Paul Magaha, the NAMFS Treasurer whom keeps his teeming fingers on the coffers, NAMFS is having extreme consternation in how to spin this. Matter of fact, instead of tackling it head on in HousingWire’s 2013 Focus Magazine, Miller allowed Kait Bingham of National Field Representatives to address it … if you would call it that.

I got all warm and fuzzy when I saw that the Gang Was All Here! I mean good ‘ol Deanna Alfredo and her Winterization Hustling; Kait and Eric; Robert Klein and Dale McPherson — gotta love Dale a man whom hung his own friend out to dry when praying with him in the hospital! Yeah, seeing those folks after I hung their photos up on the dart board was a catharsis for me. Throwing darts and whistling Dixie.  😉

Now, as we all know Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services have always stated that their bounced checks, intimidation tactics and muscle have been misunderstood. Remember how I have been talking about Wire Fraud for two years now?! It has always been leveled that disgruntled Contractors were really to blame. Pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THAT STATEMENT!

The company’s president, Dean Counce, said he thought the investigation stemmed from allegations that a disgruntled former employee had made after he quit and didn’t get his unemployment benefits. “He’s making allegations that are not true,” Counce said. When asked why multiple federal agencies would execute search warrants based on that type of complaint, Counce didn’t provide a clear answer. He said he had been questioned by federal agents, but declined to say what they asked him.

Counce’s company, American Mortgage Field Services, was contracted to inspect foreclosures in 2007, and including homes owned by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration. All the while Counce was moving the money into the National Association of Mortgage Field Services as a Member. Counce’s contractors would visit the property, take photographs and fill out an inspection report, and send them off to the servicing lenders, including Bank of America. American Mortgage Field Services was paid per inspection. As the market tanked, Counce received more and more inspection requests, which “far exceeded Counce’s or AMFS’ capacity to deliver,” according to the release, and the company began “fabricating” the reports.

Bank of America paid about $19 million for inspections, a “large percentage of which were not performed”; between 2007 and 2009, the bank paid more than $4 million to Counce’s company, then known as Mid-Florida Home Securing. The U.S. government estimates losses of more than $12 million, and the fraud cost taxpayers millions of dollars, according to their Statement.

Justin Timberlake has a pretty damn good tune that epitomizes what is coming down the Pike for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Here’s the deal: Eric Miller and more on point Chuck Sockol, NAMFS Chairman of the Membership Committee and Vice President of ASONS “One Stop Shop, are ultimately going to have a hell of a lot of explaining to do. Everyone I have talked to have not been bashful in their statements about how Sockol moved the Lender Processing Services Accounts over to Milan Thompson; ironic when we all remember how Milan was pious and holy when talking to me earlier.

By 2009, Counce was sending as many as 100,000 inspection reports each month to Bank of America, receiving about $6.50 for each. In most cases, the company then billed the federal entities that owned or insured the mortgages. The problem: As many as 60 percent of the reports were fabricated, court records show. Bank of America helped investigators build the case.

Bank of America paid the company about $23.5 million over the course of five years. Counce was able to keep overhead so low that he netted between $700,000 and $1 million in a single month, investigators say.

I had an ex Green Beret NAMFS Member call me earlier this week. He had the gall to ask, “What is your problem with the NAMFS?” My man, people like you do a disservice to the uniform. We served our Country to stand up for those whom could not stand up for themselves! Your excuse was what were you supposed to do?! Yeah, you even had a fellow NAMFS Member up in the New England States defrauding you. How about be a man? I mean didn’t the Snake Eaters teach you anything about spine?!

Are any of you folks understanding any of this?! The Germans in Nazi Germany claimed they did nothing because they could not and 6 Million died! I see no difference in those of you being cowards now than in the German People other than a body count — with winter setting in and Carol Boyd already making a Contractor and his family and children homeless you may get what you want there, as well!

Hawaii Field Services LLC has won the lucky straw poll for hitting the radar next. Eric Miller knows the reason. If you are insane enough to believe that the NAMFS does not talk then you are sadly mistaken. Think about it: How do I know everything that I do? Have you ever met me at any of these Conventions?! Oh, don’t act all surprised; let’s not get all sanctimonious about it. Jesus, what a carnival! So, in closing, here is the Counce Sentencing Agreement. This is what each and every one of you will eventually face. If you honestly believe High Level NAMFS Executives are not moving information to hang you out to dry to save their own ass, you had better get a DAMN GOOD lawyer on retainer — just my friendly advice.

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