Eric Miller: NAMFS Comes Out Swinging On NAARPI

#NAARPI  Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, has a problem. Membership is not renewing at previous rates, revenues are down, the PR is in the tank and Miller’s Orphan of a Training Program is held out to be the sham that it really is. He held himself out to be the former Lender Processing Services Assistant Vice President of Business Intelligence. Now, when let off the leash a bit, he is making critical mistakes which are going to have severe ramifications. Before we get to Miller’s pedantic attempts to threaten and intimidate a fellow blogger, let me first point out Miller’s own Citation,

I have held several leadership positions within LPS FS, including Operations, Vendor Management and currently BI. My roles within LPS FS have provided the opportunity to work with key Governmental and Industry Leaders on a variety of issues including HUD Mortgagee Letters and USFN Default Solution Discussions.

You know Miller would appear …

to be an interesting guy. Miami University (that’s in Ohio by the way) and the University of Akron. Granted, not where I attended; however, they are Universities none the less. Like many things in Eric Miller’s life, he never completed either of them. Even though we spoke with several alumni whom remembered Miller, we are awaiting Transcripts at the time of printing, so I am not going to opine much further. My point being is that Miller has enough common sense to perform due diligence with respect to stepping into a pit of vipers … or does he?!

This is a Private Message from Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services to a fellow blogger Aaron Aviero whom covers the Property Preservation Industry,

I would like to better understand your article in which an announcement from the beginning of September was purported to be made in conjunction with your being named Director of Education, as it is patently untrue.  Would also like to understand the monetary charge associated with the Industry Guidelines for HUD, FNMA, FHLMC and VA through NAARPI.

It is monumental to note that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services tipped their hand. Truth be known, this does not strike me as language Eric Miller would normally use. I study language amongst other things; as an analyst it is oft times the only way to peer into and see the splinter in the mind’s eye. The aforementioned paragraph, when juxtaposed with the material and recordings I keep on hand of Miller, are etymologically dissimilar.

Miller’s behind the scenes thugs were attempting to get Aviero to cast a bad light upon the North American Association of Rental Property Inspectors (NAARPI) and additionally attempt to have Aviero, by proxy, state NAARPI was selling material which the US Government does not allow anyone to charge for.

Hey Eric, did you think to actually call John Allen, NAARPI Chief Executive Officer (CEO)? I did. Turns out that a staffer had ran the Article of Aviero’s Appointment before the Background Checks had been completed! The Staffer has been reprimanded, but more on point I am curious why the National Association of Mortgage Field Services DOES NOT RUN ANY BACKGROUND CHECKS ON ITS MEMBERS OR BOARD OF DIRECTORS! Yeah, see the Financial Institutions and the US Government is GOING TO LOVE THAT ONE!

Here’s the deal: I think Miller sent the Private Message on LinkedIn to Aviero. I think that Miller with assistance is familiar with the vernacular. As a form of elocution, though, this language would be unfamiliar to Miller. Nor is this a subtle form of written neurolinguistic programming; this is not Miller attempting on his own accord, to trip up Aviero or strike fear into him.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services has a big damn problem. Their Educational Model is a wholesale disaster. More on point, the NAMFS Academy has no relevant Certification. Even worse, the only legitimacy attached to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Educational Model is blind faith — and downward leverage upon NAMFS Members in an attempt to force implementation of samesaid Model.

With dismal financial returns so far, National Association of Mortgage Field Services was forced to DRASTICALLY REDUCE the price of their Orphan Educational Model. First and foremost, though, it was mislabeled. Training and Certification. So, you immediately have an Employee vs. Independent Contractor issue. I have a half dozen Articles on here pertaining to the National Class Action Lawsuits against the largest NAMFS Members with respect to Employee Status.

The NAMFS Academy is tragic. The Board of Directors thought that in the same way some of them and many of the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services defrauded Contractors, it was assumed that they could shove an UNCERTIFIED Training and Certification Model down the very same throats they just defrauded.

Eric Miller and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are desperate. NAARPI is not associated with the criminality of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Even worse, NAARPI is now poised to be placed in front of the Insurance Underwriters for the Property Preservation Industry. For Michelle Hirsch, Senior Vice President of the Brunswick Companies to deny such knowing that NAARPI has the only Certification Model with recognition for Continuing Education Hours by not only the Texas Association of REALTORS® (TAR);  Certified by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) for the NAARPI Master Property Preservation Specialist Course, it will be hard to defend should she balk. Did I forget to mention that TAR and MetroTex both approve of the NAARPI MPPS Course?!

You see, Eric Miller and his pedestrian ways never allowed he nor the National Association of Mortgage Field Services to ever contemplate that a legitimate organization with Classrooms might actually produce a legal and legitimate Certification Process for the Industry. Oh, I guess I did forget to mention that part didn’t I?! I mean when you actually have a Certification Model shouldn’t there be something besides a Virtual Office like that which the National Association of Mortgage Field Services runs?!

We are going to Interview John Allen over the weekend. Foreclosurepedia HAS NEVER RECOMMENDED A CERTIFIED TESTING MODEL as long as we have been in existence. I believe that after hearing this weekend’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast, the Contractor’s will come to agree that this will be the precedent setting Model. I also further believe that as the Judiciary becomes involved in determining whom is allowed to use the term CERTIFIED we will see many changes across many websites. If it were me, I would already be sharpening pencils, in preparation of litigation, against the National Association of Mortgage Field Services had I been FORCED TO TAKE THEIR certified TEST TO BE ABLE TO WORK!

Fraud, nothing more glamorous than that. It is fraudulent to force someone to take a Class to work if it has absolutely no legal basis in its implementation. I believe that MANY, MANY law firms now suing will look at this situation and begin to file Amended Complaints.

Foreclosurepedia is moving in a new direction. We have always been ahead of the Trends BECA– USE WE SET THEM! We are going to begin to gravitate towards drilling down on the dynamics of the Industry with respect to Technology, Training and a Back To Basics Philosophy. We now know that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services will never change their criminality; they will never purge those whom have sullied their once Sterling Reputation. As a matter of fact, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services has become more of a by line these days. I believe it is already apparent to everyone out there especially with the lack of Membership renewals. Sad, really. Sad that the only memory of NAMFS will be a by line in the #Corruption Category on Google+ or Twitter.


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