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Dalton, GA: Smoke Is A Rising

It would appear that Dalton, Georgia, has become quite intrigued with Foreclosurepedia. We are extremely excited about this as Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, seems to have never heard of Dalton let alone Tunnel Hill. We put a recent comparison for today to show the information which was accessed by a neutral news agency in France which was accessing the same material on Carol Boyd, Owner of Boyd Property Preservation and Bronze Level Contributing Member to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. The Articles accessed dealt with her defraudment of Contractors across multiple states and Eric Miller’s refusal to publicly investigate.

United States Dalton, United States
IP: [block]
111 hits
France France
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87 hits

The question becomes at what part of the Bell Shaped Curve of Public Relations does the National Association of Mortgage Field Services begin to attempt to do anything? Or, in my belief, is it simply beyond salvage? The reality is that Eric Miller did actually personally attack a fellow blogger in the Industry and within the same discussion he attempted to gather intelligence. How pathetic that Miller will take pot shots at people and not confront the corruption in his own Association. We are going to release an Article on this tonight.



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