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Foreclosurepedia: The Addiction No One Wants To Talk About

Reading Foreclosurepedia is like watching a Train Wreck Live in Slow Motion. Everyone acts publicly horrified; privately even the culprits derive some otherworldly sick kind of pleasure. Train Wrecks have the common outcome, though, of collateral damage. In the instant case, even after Foreclosurepedia attempted to turn a new page and press on with a more mainstream approach, the very same provokers rattling sabers have now cut their own proverbial throats.

We took on Assurant Property Advantage, owner of Field Asset Services and Multi Billion Dollar Insurance Conglomerate currently being sued in half a dozen different Courts about a month ago. A simple Google Search of Assurant – Foreclosurepedia shows ALL OF PAGE ONE on Google is now controlled by Foreclosurepedia including our Podcasts and YouTube Channel. Page Two of Google now shows the proliferation of our Information including Watchinga now streaming information with respect to Assurant’s Counsel Jason Rosenberg.

Sometimes I just do not understand this Industry. I even reached out to Counsel Jason Rosenberg of Alston and Bird LLP. Rosenberg is the man whom threatened fire and brimstone and demanded I “…cease and desist…” in my communications with Assurant, FAS and the rest of the lot. Irony, really, as now his very own Clients are knocking down my doors in an attempt to open their own festering wounds.

Nothing more glamorous than Union Busting if you ask me. As Contractors across the United States and its Territories prepare for consideration of entrance into the Industrial Workers of the World, Assurant has a hell of a lot to loose!

Rosenberg replied that he was, “…climbing off a plane…” and would try to look into the matter. Well sport here’s the deal: I didn’t threaten and intimidate you or your Client with Paper Tiger Demands in October. You and your Client picked the fight with me. I mean your Client didn’t want to pay me and then when they realized they bought a Company already employing me they fired us — hell, that’s going to look damn good in front of a jury don’t you think? Question becomes was the Cease and Desist a ploy to violate civil rights?

Rosenberg is still climbing off the plane I suppose. Never heard back. Nothing new there, really. He strikes me as a nice guy; however, I believe he is in over his head. It is hard to learn that you do not pick a fight with the Devil and then pretend it never happened.

With Assurant out at the IMNs Big Shindig out in Scottsdale, we are hoping that the copius amounts of alcohol to drown the boredom will loosen some of the lips. This is nothing, though, compared to the 20/50 Rule we are going to discuss later on tonight. This Article is going to drill down on the question of improprieties in Federal Contracting. It is yet another sterling reason why a Union is direly needed within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

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