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HUD: Why Washington Is Broken

Time and again I am asked, “What is going on in Craig Karnes’ mind?”  Karnes is the man at Atlanta, HUD, whom puts ink to paper for the HUD Awards for those of you whom live under a rock.  Time and again I confess that I have no idea.  My opinion is that someone orders Karnes to sign the document — THAT IS AN OPINION!  I really do not know.  See, here’s the true, nefarious and seedy underbelly of government contracting:  NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING!  I will say this, in defense of Karnes, he has always been forthcoming, polite and genuinely helpful in my research.  Make no mistake whatsoever, that is AN EXTREME RARITY in the FedBizOps world!  Many would push the issue with him; however, I do not as I have worked on that proverbial side of the aisle and sometimes you simply do not want answers to questions.

Many folks and I venture the guess that the Nationals are stymied here as well, do not understand that the world of business requires an Intelligence Network.  Hell, we are a Company in a County with only ONE stoplight and we glean more intel (COMINT, ELINT and HUMINT) than most firms do in an entire career.  Most of the stuff that we post on occurs one of two ways:  a) We harvest raw product and deem it necessary for the Contractors at large (Breaking the HUD 3.6 news is a classic case-in-point) because the Nationals won’t; and b) We receive periodic information from sources whom work in the higher echelons of Industry and Government and feel we are able to ferret out information on scraps (not dissimilar to Deep Throat in Watergate).

So, why isn’t Foreclosurepedia leading the charge against HUD?  Well, that’s a long and complicated story.  First, there is no Doctrine of Privity, in the literal sense, between Contractors, HUD and the Prime FSM.   Second, the HUD Contracts have never been that lucrative to really piss me off (this is the main reason).  Third, it is generally the Prime FSM whom is to blame (until now).  People do not understand literally how much time goes into not only researching, but also harvesting the intel and producing a product which may be consumed by the end user.  Additionally, most Contractors are not of the caliber to really give two shits.  Oh, everyone wants more money in the Industry, but what are they willing to invest to get it?!  Nothing.  That is why we began shifting our Model on the Site.

Here’s the deal and I am going to drive this home each and every chance I get:  HUD has made a decision which is going to have horrific ramifications!  My opinion isn’t based upon lack of work; we landed a new Contract in pre conveyance.  What it is based upon is that there is absolutely no safety net in place now.  One thing we were taught in the military was to have a redundant set of protocols in place to ensure mission objectives were accomplished.  This is now gone.  Where you had three (03) Nationals covering what was once 1a (now 6a) you have only one Company.  Make no mistake either, the three Nationals were oft times hard pressed to deliver the Product to HUD.

What does this translate into?  PK Management is going to fail.  Not if, but when.  When this happens I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that those responsible for allowing this fiasco to continue are raked across the coals!  Folks, we have files that measure not in pages, but in inches!!!  Every alarm bell that should have gone off was silenced — my opinion is that they were silenced on purpose!  At the end of the day the HUD OIG is going to have to explain why the most patently obvious case of anti trust blossomed underneath its watch!  I predict that a Special Counsel will be appointed to sort this sordid mess out.  If I have my way, more than a few are going to pay Leavenworth a visit as long term guests.

I am astounded (no, not after the Fiscal Cliff bullshit) that the Beltway has not been checking the Pulse of this.  We are talking about using tax payer funds (some of which are Stimulus Monies) to ensure that both small business owners go bankrupt, established Nationals are kicked to the curb and to aid and abet an ongoing collusion and conspiracy.  The vision of Teddy grappling with Rockefeller is going to look like a joke when the true ugliness of this comes to light.  What I fail to understand is why Foreclosurepedia is the ONLY VOICE ON THIS TOPIC!!!!  The inference here can go in MANY directions!

At the end of the day it is business as usual for government contracts.  I praise those Contractors whom have refused the tainted waters PK Management, in a Jim Jones kinda of way, have been offering.  This whole mess is a blight upon the Industry.  The Contract will work its way back to where it once was; however, Nationals should grow up and file public and legal challenges!

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