Cityside Closes Up Shop On HUD 3.0

We all got the marching orders out yesterday to close up shop on HUD 3.0 up here in Tennessee.  Everyone knows our feelings about the HUD Contract and its hijacking, in our opinion, by PK Management.  We are going to do a series on each Company we worked with and are going to speak on Cityside for a moment.

One of the things that stuck out in our minds with Cityside was the decent work atmosphere.  You know, I would be hard pressed to mention a time we ever had an issue with them.  Oh, all Contracts have misunderstandings; however, if we bid something from Site it generally was approved for the amount or (and this is NO bullshit) we were told they were going to pay us a bit more!

The paperwork was the hardest thing to get used to.  We are accustomed to taking hundreds of photos per job and then having to convert (for some Clients) and pray.  Cityside wanted the minimum on during and quality afters.  In hindsight, this is really how the whole Industry should be!  I mean, at the end of the day, what is material is whether or not the given Work Order is completed to specification.  I laugh as some of the old staff, Aaron and Signe’, probably pulled their hair out because I would .zip file the normal batch of pix and shoot them along with an email.  😉

I understand that they will still be doing some work in the pre conveyance world and am hopeful that we have the opportunity to work with them.  For those of you whom do have that chance, you should pursue it!  One caveat:  If you are NOT about your business do not waste their time!  The aforementioned was based upon a mutual understanding that if there were issues with our work we didn’t sweat the petty and went back and fixed it!  I never ONCE got an IQR that wasn’t legit.  Not once was I asked to do something that I felt was under priced.  Now, I cannot predict how others’ experiences are/were/will be.  I do know that based upon our experiences with Cityside, they have their act together and would be a welcome Client anytime they make the move into East Tennessee!


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