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HUD Quarterly: East TN Looking Damn Good

BREAKING NEWS: PK Management, a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contract Holder under the M&M 3.6, has been making great strides in the East Tennessee area. Based upon a comprehensive review of property data, Contractor Interviews and feedback, it is pretty obvious that PKMG will be around for quite sometime.

Several things stood out on the Reviews I processed with respect to Contractor feedback. First, PKMG apparently has employed staff whom actually understand construction terminology. This helps both Contractors and the US Government in the proper classification of issues with respect to HUD’s inventory. Additionally, I am hearing that PKMG properly compensates ancillary items necessary to address the HUD inventory — this is both upon initial inception and during the long haul.

We are going to Publish our results later this evening. It is a breath of fresh air, though, by way of comparison with the reporting upon the seedy underbelly of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I tip my hat to PKMG; I specifically give kudos to those whom are working within the PKMG Management Level positions to create what appears to be an effective mechanism for both Contractors and the ultimate consumer, the tax payer.

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