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Contractor Bullying: How A Select Few Destroyed Many

SBNATION: An independent report detailing the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal was released on Friday, concluding that Jonathan Martin was driven to leave the team by chronic harassment from teammates Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey. What we don’t know yet is what kind of disciplinary action the league plans to take.

The culmination of years and greed within the Mortgage Field Services Industry has taken its toll upon its backbone, Labor. At the helm of this out-of-control juggernaut is the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Captain Eric “Ahab” Miller. The similarities between the NFL Report and what I have documented are startling.

Captain Ahab has overseen the entire demise of the Industry in his short tenure in office at the NAMFS Regime. Being fully aware of the fraud and abuse ongoing, Miller has refused to lift even a finger, let alone assist any of the abused Contractors. The documentation of the Carol Boyd Incident is proof positive that the NAMFS Regime has no intention of ever dealing with graft and corruption amongst its Rank and File. Incidentally, YouTube refused to take down our Screencasts on Carol Boyd as was demanded by unknown parties.

The Mortgage Field Services Industry realized that with the onset of smaller volume it had to concoct some type of artifice and/or scheme to keep their pockets lined and pay their bills. That scheme was Back Billing. It is the Grand Daddy of all Financial Bullying.

We have shown, time and again, how Members of the NAMFS Regime have refused to pay Contractors outright. Now, though, with litigation on the horizon Captain Ahab and the crew of the USS NAMFS needed to chart new fishing grounds. Back Billing. Here’s how it works:

Company A goes out and does some work; let’s call it a grass cut. Order Mill A says, “You must include a 10 page PCR with your grass cut.” Company A misses something. Order Mill A slams them with a $10K bill for an A Coil. Or Company A goes out to do a bid. Order Mill A gets paid, but doesn’t want to pay Company A so they state a photo is missing and WITHOUT RECOURSE Company A’s Due Process Under Law is violated and they loose Millions. There is not a single Top Tier NAMFS Regime Member for which I do not have documentation for which this is happening including one seated upon the NAMFS Regime Board.

The Drive By Social Media pundits would have you believe that the NAMFS Regime is the best thing since sliced bread. The reality is that the Financial Bullying is only part of what this Industry has done. We are working on a Piece wherein under direct orders, a high level management official ordered employees to dump toxic waste into storm drains in California knowing full well that California is down to less than 100 days of drinking water in some areas.

The reality is that greed is superior to humanity in the eyes of the Industry. We saw how Carol Boyd had absolutely no qualms with defrauding Contractors. Captain Ahab, the NAMFS Regime Commandant, had no qualms in dismissing the multiple pleas for help either. Why? Well, I believe it didn’t make anyone money; it additionally brought undue attention upon an unregulated Industry rife with corruption.

The Financial Bullying of Contractors has been an epidemic for years. Much like battered wives syndrome, the Contractors have become conditioned to respond to negative stimuli within the Industry. When they make a dollar or two they forget about the atrocities that others have been subjected to. Unlike the NFL, there is no happy ending to this Story. Fractured and alone; huddled in the dark recesses of the Drive By Social Media, these bedraggled souls are much like cattle awaiting the slaughter. None will stand up due to fear of reprisals. A sad thing, really; fear. To live your life always worried about what another is capable of doing to you. Perhaps, with time, Contractors will come to the realization that they have nothing to loose; perhaps they will begin to relate their testimony publicly and bring an end to the Industry Bullying.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast with the former employee of AMS revealing the allegations of the contamination of California’s water supply with potentially toxic chemicals — a State in a 500 year drought with some cities only having 80+ days of water left. Even more concerning is the distinct possibility that these Orders allegedly given could potentially result in the ingestion of carcinogens of innocent human beings — all for profit and greed. We get to the heart of the manner in a one-on-one Exclusive.

We also are going to Interview Patrick Lovell later this week. We profiled Lovell’s movie last week. Lovell is the protagonist and producer of Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream, a movie presented by Cinema Libre Studios. Lovell and I sit down for a candid discussion of the foreclosure crisis and the creation of Everyman SuperPAC. Folks, you DO NOT want to miss this! It is the single most important Interview that I have done in quite awhile! The Foreclosurepedia Nation needs to clear the desk and take notes on this one!

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