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Podcast With Former AMS Employee On Racism, Hazardous Waste And Mold

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member Asset Management Specialists (AMS) accused of Racism, Illegal Dumping of Hazardous Waste in California during the 500 Year Drought, Improper Treatment of Mold all on FannieMae Work Sites — well, nothing new when we are talking about the NAMFS Regime. Profit over human life; business as usual. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been alerted by other Media Outlets. Make no mistake that Corona, California; the Depot, will soon be Ground Zero. Hey Eric Miller, Can You Hear Me Now?!

In a 500 Year Drought the dumping OF ANY CHEMICALS is absorbed IMMEDIATELY and flows to the water supply. The carcinogens now flowing are a sure fire way to contract cancer if the people weren’t already worried enough about having less than 100 days of water in some areas.

Folks, this is the first of MANY INTERVIEWS with former AMS Employees. We are going to stream hour after hour of this over the next month! Maybe someone ought to ask Eric Miller and the NAMFS Regime Committee Chairmen how many dead bodies does it take to address the atrocities occurring under his watch? Is it perhaps time for Herr Miller’s resignation — perhaps before indictment?  I cautioned you soothsayers; you Drive By Social Media apostles, that I was going to track the iniquity down. Make no mistake this is just the tip of the iceberg.

A Little REM Orange Crush For Anyone?!

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