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HUD 3.6: Yeah, It’s Here!

So, after a lot of haggling HUD 3.6 is here.  The days of multiple FSMs and AMs are gone; well, gone on the HUD end.  PK Management Group (PKMG) has cornered the market at least where we operate out of here in East Tennessee (1a Region).  I had the opportunity to speak with their Director of Vendor Management and quite frankly I was pretty pleased.  It has been a long time since I had heard any sanity coming from the corporate structure when dealing with HUD properties.

One thing to note from jump is that you are not going to service pre and post conveyance properties with the same address (  I will get a separate post out on this as well.

I am going to get a decent post up on this over the weekend and a podcast as well over on the YouTube channel.  Stay tuned and get the applications in!

One of the troubling components of Atlanta HUD POC awarding this contract, though, is that it allows PKMG to monopolize the market. We are informed that we must wait 75+ plus days for pay, tote E&O and name them on our vehicles. Couple this with a demand for money to even apply makes this sketchy at best.

We will update tonight.

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