Finally Moved GHQ!

I have been neglecting the posting a bit and am sorry.  We have recently moved to Tazewell, TN.  It occurred at the same time that an enormous batch of orders came in and when we also were adding two new clients.  Man, total insanity.  To top things off, I had to do battle with the ISP up here.  Many probably remember the battle with Frontier; this one was with CenturyLink.  CenturyLink proved to be far more cooperative and we are at speeds twice of which we used to have.

I am working up a new system for folks whom actually follow our postings.  If you subscribe to the YouTube channel you probably have already seen the new videos coming out there.  I recently had the chance to speak with a gentleman up in Buffalo, NY, whom is both a realtor and in the REO/PP business.  I am going to get a good plug on him here in the next post as he is the genesis for putting together a decent training series for those actually interested in how to do things the right way.

With that said, I will be hammering out my catch up postings this weekend and hope all will read and submit any questions you may have!


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