Hope Gambill And Eric Miller: Walking Conflicts Of Interest

Hope Gambill Names Herself As Judge And Private Attorney General

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In a time in which President elect Donald Trump’s Transition Teams are ushering in people like John Bravacos, a former Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Philadelphia HOC Director, the Swamp Tromp appears to be full steam ahead. And in all things Trump, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is at the center of the #FraudFest. With respect to Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, it is a given that he and his cronies are out and about committing fraud and we have come to expect it especially in light of the new angle they have taken with respect to insurance fraud. Every now and then, though, we see exotic and pernicious types of fraud which rear their ugly head and in the case in which we discuss this evening, the last time we saw anything near this was with Dan Buczek and his family sprinkling Liberty Coins around as if they were real currency.

Hope Gambill is one of those people you almost have to feel sorry for. I say almost because when you commit tax evasion in Florida and then engage in a pattern and practice of parading around as a sovereign citizen, chances are you will end up with a 22 year probation sentence like this guy did in Gambill’s former state.

Hope Joyce Gambill used to run two businesses in Florida — Foreclosure Cleaning and Preservation along with Orange Tree Service. She ran both of them out of her shotgun shack located at 1632 Drew Street, Clearwater, FL. A year and a half ago, during the summer of 2015, Foreclosurepedia had the opportunity to speak with Clearwater’s Permits and Planning Division whom had open investigations against Gambill and her businesses for failure to pay taxes. Make note of this as it is a distinguishing feature of those whom profess to be sovereign citizens and yet rely upon the largess of that which the rest of us provide. During that same period of time Gambill was an active member of what was called The BOTG — Boots on the Ground — which advocated for Labor within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The BOTG still maintains a Twitter page as well as a website which had a solitary article written. Ray Griffin, operator of The BOTG, informs Foreclosurepedia that Hope Gambill is no longer a part of his Group.

After nearly a decade of waging war in the trenches of this Industry, I have found that ignorance is bliss — kinda. The reality is that people in this Industry are simply lazy. I received a couple of emails, from colleagues, whom received the Foreclosurepedia #FireWire — a two week in advance posting — of this article. They had seemed appalled that they were just finding out the length and breadth of Gambill’s latest insanity. I simply clicked delete on the email tab as had they typed Hope Gambill in either Google or in the Foreclosurepedia Search Engine, they would have seen Gambill and her minion hacks blacklisted almost a year and a half ago with multiple recent updates.

When Gambill left, in the dark of the night, out of Clearwater, she hauled ass up into Illinois. She, Terrance Mason and the Illinois #FraudFest have been full steam ahead ever since. One of Hope Joyce Gambill’s latest accolades has been lining herself up with a fellow named David Edwards. Edwards, the Chief Operating Officer of American Contractor Services, is parading around with Gambill both calling themselves Judges and Private Attorney Generals. Now, Foreclosurepedia has experienced this type of language in the past when we took on Shane Buczek and bankrupted out Buczek Enterprises, the horrific NAMFS Offender Member whom defrauded Minority Females and Labor out of well over One Million Dollars.

Sovereign citizenship is nothing really new. It is one of those things which floats to the top, like shit in a cesspool, and pretends to be the next best rallying point for beer gut, over the hill, #Fraudsters whom do not want to pay taxes or whose significant other left them because they were a lousy roll in the hay. The reality is that sovereign citizenship, the militia orientated concept of an illegal government in power, is just about a legitimate as saying we never visited the moon.

With that said, Hope Joyce Gambill and David Edwards are operating from a Top Secret base to address the woes of both Contractors and mankind — uh, yeah. You see, in all of their secrecy, they forgot to protect their WHOIS ICANN file. 305 N 3rd Street, Gerrard, IL — I wager that it was supposed to be Girard — is where these Superheros listed their website address address of record. And when you really want to get down in the gutter, fucked up on some of that 1700’s Sammy Adams porter, go no further than the ramblings which Gambill and Edwards vomit out like the breath of a Soho District whore on a three day crack binge,

The accepted practice of law in America is administered through corporate courts operating under commercial law or admiralty/maritime law. American courts are established as “for profit” corporations, and are owned by foreign interests, not the American people. Americans have been educated to believe that in order to find justice, the people must approach the court with a licensed Bar attorney. The information that they don’t provide for the public is that in most cases, the corporation doesn’t have the jurisdiction to hear or decide the cases, as they would have the people to believe.

I mean you can’t make this shit up. That quote is from their website Private Attorney Generals. And you really, really gotta hand it to this Dynamic Duo when it comes to squaring that logic with handling the processing of work orders on behalf of financial institutions whom daily utilize the very same courts which Gambill and Edwards appear to vilify! It is always the same with Gambill and the ephemerality of her get rich schemes which always crash and burn taking Minority Females and Labor along for the ride to foot the bill.

Trying to keep an open mind, Foreclosurepedia decided to do a bit of research to see if perhaps folks like the Federal Bureau of Investigation had changed their position, with respect to Common Law advocates, since the Ruby Ridge days. I mean what, with Gambill’s apparently sincere belief that she will be able to assist Labor collect monies owed from financial institutions and others within the Mortgage Field Services Industry as both a Judge and a Private Attorney General, surely she is doing it for free, right? I mean why would one want to participate in that sordid capitalism and its fiendish corporate moneychangers? More on point, though, I am confident that both Gambill and Edwards have performed some due diligence upon the gravity of labeling themselves Judges and truly comprehending that there is absolutely no differentiation between lawful and legal advice. The reason I am belaboring this is because here is what the Florida courts had to say several months ago when they handed out a 22 year probation sentence to a person using IDENTICAL language!

Judge Andrew Siegel: “You’re arguing apples and oranges.”

It took the jury one hour before returning the same verdict on all 10 charges.

Clerk: “The defendant is guilty of unlicensed practice of law as charged in the information.”

It was bad news for Williams, and it was about to get worse. Judge Andrew Siegel sentenced him to 180 days in jail, 22 years probation and ordered him to turn over his badges and ID.

Andrew Siegel: “He’s prohibited from calling himself a private attorney general, an attorney or implying in any which way, shape or form that he has any ability to practice law.”

I want to make sure that Gambill and Edwards understand precisely where I am going. The Dynamic Duo are, in essence, stating that they are capable of representing issues impacting a given class and thus are capable of litigating those, albeit, in a sham common law setting. Let’s roll with the theory, though, that they were to attempt to buy the debts and then litigate them as pro se litigants. In the State of Illinois this has been attempted and here is what the Courts had to say about that,

In Todd v. Franklin Collection Service, Inc., No. 11-3818 (7th Cir. 2012), the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals took 28 days to conclude that a nonlawyer could not purchase another person’s legal claims under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act via an assignment and then proceed to litigate those claims pro se. Citing Illinois law, the Court held that such a business model clearly violated public policy as the nonlawyer was attempting to practice law without a license. The plaintiff’s argument that he was merely pursuing pro se claims he now owned was rejected.

And to make sure that Minority Females and Labor do not become unduly injured, we are going to reach out to the Illinois Task Force on Unauthorized Practice of Law. Often times, the unauthorized practice of law can violate the Consumer Fraud Act.  The Illinois Attorney General prosecutes those claims.

American Contracting Services should pay particular attention to precisely what their Chief Operating Officer, David Edwards is doing. I mean one would think that Cassandra Burn, American Contracting Services’ Chief Executive Officer, would have performed just a wee bit more due diligence.

You see, that is what separates Foreclosurepedia from the run-of-the-mill hacks like Hope Joyce Gambill and Cassandra Burn’s American Contracting Services. Foreclosurepedia has honed the art of protecting Labor within the Mortgage Field Services Industry; Foreclosurepedia has ensured that financial institutions and Labor alike do not fall prey to opportunistic vultures whom prowl the dark depths of secret Facebook groups. Foreclosurepedia, the Beacon of Light shining in through the Wilderness, will always be a Friend of Labor on the Front Lines standing up against those whom purport to be that which they are not!

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