HomeStar Property Solutions Looses Contractor’s License In Minnesota

Micheal Breese, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) #Fraudster, had his ass handed to him by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MNDLI). Bringing closure to a year long war Foreclosurepedia has waged with Dan Cunningham, Senior Investigator with MNDLI, a 7 and 5 page Ruling was issued in RBC1411-00030/DLC and RBC1412-00044DLC both cases which were prosecuted against Michael Breese. This resulted in a Licensing Order With Penalty.

The below was taken, verbatim, from a letter sent to Foreclosurepedia from Cunningham,

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (“Department”) has revoked the residential building contractor license of HomeStar Property Solutions, LLC and taken enforcement action against HomeStar LLC and HomeStar Field Services, LLC.  Attached is a copy of Licensing Order and Administrative Order issued by the Department, with both actions taking effect on or about October 21, 2015.

We will have more on this later this evening including the actual Orders Issued. Foreclosurepedia takes its hat off to the MNDLI and Dan Cunningham.


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