Donny Pegram: Is Playing In Public Restrooms All He Does?

When Donny Pegram ran his mouth, a mouth I like to think is suited for only one purpose of which is still illegal inDonny Bitch Pegram the State of Texas, one has to wonder if it was perhaps a Virginian faux pas. Fact of the matter is that Donny Pegram, the same Donny Pegram whose phone number is 7572361504, and lives up in Yorktown, VA. Matter of fact, Bitch Boi, as I like to think of him, is associated with County Pools. I call Bitch Boi a Bitch Boi based upon the fact that, well, Yorkies in Pink are generally only associated with those whom are into zoophilia — just my humble opinion. More on that in a minute. First, let’s get to why, precisely, this dickless wonder came up on the Foreclosurepedia Radar.

Donny "Bitch Boi" Pegram's Whine On Facebook

Donny “Bitch Boi” Pegram’s Whine On Facebook

Slanderous? Let me tell you something you goddamn communist. I was serving my country with honor and dignity while you were still sucking cock in the locker room. Gotta wonder if, perhaps in my opinion, whether your younger days actually drove your ol man to his final resting spot. I’m not saying anything; however, when a limp wristed pool boy whom has more fucking yard sale group memberships than Ru Paul does on Facebook, well you might be a cock sucking faggot.

Fact of the matter is that this cum gargling fucktard gunned for the wrong person. Coming after me is well and good, but when he leveled his sights on Bret Douglas and Ironclad Preservation, he couldn’t have picked a worse target.

To drive home the point of why this potential NAMBLA shit stick is full of nothing but bullshit go no further than his faggot pleading to SEAS — his threats were nothing more than the same hot air he blows when he goes down on whatever it is he does week to week.

Now, let’s get down to business and talk about how you, your family and your associates are going to make things right — See, I’m all stocked up on crazy and I have no interest in seeing you buffing the floor on your knees. No, I am going to watch you go the same direction as Berghorst, Buczek and Boyd — Did I forget to mention SEAS?!

Son, there is not going to be enough bleach to cleanse the name and reputation of you and your fucked up family. Shit, when I am done drafting my opinions, they are going to think you fucking raped Baby Jesus in the Manger. Hell, it is going to be #Epic and shit. They will talk about the media crucifixion of Bitch Boi for years to come! And just think, you brought this maelstrom down upon you and your associates simply trying to be what you never could be — a hero. Shit, you are less than zero and I give it 30 days after I begin reaching out to those holding contracts, pre and post conveyance in your neck of the woods, and they are going to dry up. Why? It is less expensive to on board a new contractor than  take me on publicly.

Hey Bitch Boi Is This Not Poignant?

Hey Bitch Boi Is This Not Poignant?

A final note here: You tell your goddamn Eric Miller to suck my dick as well. Fuck you, Fuck Eric Miller and Fuck anyone whom ever poses a clear and present danger to Labor. And while you are at it, why not explain to everyone how your IP Address shows up in some of the UPAMS — Yeah that is the child molesting MICKEY DALE SNOW — logs? Should have kept my fucking name out of your bitch ass mouth. Now, the family is going to have to whore out the kids to make the payments on the nice, new toys


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