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Assero Discriminates Against Contractors

Assero, a firm bankrolled by Eduardo San Roman and comprised of former AMS Personnel have begun a pattern and practice of violating the civil rights of US Citizens. Foreclosurepedia received word today that an individual named “Joe” stated one firm was being denied the ability to participate in any work including that which has been issued by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development based only upon the fact that they were in the same social media circles as Foreclosurepedia.

Foreclosurepedia NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL allow ultra wealthy homosexuals like Lee Mertins to threaten and intimidate either Foreclosurepedia or those whom bravely come forward to have their stories reported upon. If Eduardo San Roman and his Miami Mafia believe that we will allow our or others First Amendment rights to be trampled upon or the voices of the innocent men and women of Labor to be silenced, I highly recommend he pay very close attention to the headlines over the weekend.

Attacks like these are the very epitome of that which the Teamsters faced during a time when the Kennedy’s waged their unholy, Catholic war upon Labor. Foreclosurepedia has every intention of ensuring that the American Public are tuned in upon precisely that which Stefkovic and his sodden lot at Assero are involved in. To be very clear to Lee Mertins and good ‘ol Joe, you shot your load far too quick. I am from the Internet and I am here to permanently help all of you.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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