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Heather Berghorst Bankruptcy: 14-04293-JRH Western District Of Michigan

It is official: Heather and Doug Berghorst have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection in the US Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Michigan —14-04293-JRH. Heather Berghorst, the disgraced and former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has left a trail of atrocities a mile wide while living high on the hog buying cars, clothing, electronics, homes and paying for college tuition. In reckless disregard for the innocent men and women whom have been destroyed by her actions, Berghorst is now scrambling to protect every asset she is able to. Heather Berghorst is a testament for to precisely what kind of people the National Association of Mortgage Field Services keep as Board Members.

Eric Miller, Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime and Adam Miles, owner of Miles Preservation and President of the NAMFS Regime, have yet to issue any Public Statement of removal from the NAMFS Regime of Berghorst let alone expressing sympathy to the innocent victims which I have been documenting for OVER A YEAR NOW! I want people to pay very close attention to the recalcitrant behavior currently exhibited by both Miller and Miles. The reality is that for over a year Miller and the NAMFS Regime Board have refused to address the fraud and corruption within the Membership of the NAMFS Regime and now they are doing their best to distance themselves from the scene of the proverbial crime. Miller, et al., are, in my opinion, even more guilty than Berghorst as Miller has time and again failed to conduct Ethics Hearings on Berghorst or the other half a dozen NAMFS Regime Members Foreclosurepedia has documented.

The reality is that it has become apparent that not a single member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services has been compelled to demand Ethics Hearings in accordance with National Association of Mortgage Field Services By Laws and Canons. Now, whether or not anyone will publicly demand such at what I consider to be the NAMFS Regime’s September Fraud Fest in Orlando, Florida, is unknown. I doubt it. Oh, you have all the usual suspects running their mouths about how they are going to change this or do that, but the reality is this is Organized Crime on Steroids; the NAMFS Regime exhibits behavior that would make the Mafia blush! This should be taken as a signal to Contractors afraid to open their mouths that silence only gets you screwed. Make no mistake whatsoever the ONLY WAY people are going to get anything close to what they are owed is to file liens on the properties they are owed upon and Complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). For those Contractors needing to know the deadlines, Foreclosurepedia is posting a Redacted Version of the Original Bankruptcy Filings. I gave long consideration to leaving Berghort’s Social Security Numbers public; however, decided that it was not my place do do such. Stay tuned for next week’s new #OpNAMFS production as Foreclosurepedia introduces you to yet another protagonist. With respect to those in the Drive By Social Media, What Say You Now?!!!!

Berghorst Bankruptcy

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