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Heather Berghorst: Why Section 707 May Be Her Undoing

Heather Berghorst, the disgraced and former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) along with her wayward husband Doug whom was on the Berghorst Enterprises payroll for years providing no known services, took Contractors, Altisource, Ocwen, Safeguard Properties, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), Assurant Field Asset Services, Five Brothers and untold others to the cleaners as we have been reporting for over a year. Make no mistake on one thing, Heather Berghorst’s creditors need to follow Berghorst’s last 120 days. You see, in that examination, lies all Contractor’s ability to be paid. I am not talking simply about my covering the issue; what learned counsel, INCLUDING THE BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEE need to look at, are the forensic financial audits which took place when all of the firms pulled the plug. The Buczek Enterprises matter is going in the same direction, by the way. Any of you silly enough to believe that it will bode differently are sadly mistaken. Identical NAMFS Regime Membership; Heather Berghorst and Debbie Buczek have been kicking it since the Good ‘Ol Regime Days; identical Client whom pulled the plug when the catastrophe struck, and identical modus operandi.

At Berghorst Enterprises, we believe the best strategy for our business is to form outstanding partnerships. Our definition of an outstanding vendor partnership is one in which both parties are mutually successful.

You have to be fucking shitting me! The term mutually successful brings new meaning to the English vocabulary in that Heather didn’t even have the common decency to give anyone a reach around! I mean the level of audacity here in the filing of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; an absolute discharge of all debt, speaks volumes with respect to whom feels they are the victim here. So, I wanted to drill down a little bit upon Michigan Bankruptcy Law and Section 707.

In re Rahim, Bankr. E.D. Mich., Dec. 16, 2010 (Case No. 10-57577-R, Hon. Steven Rhodes). It begins and ends with this case in that Doug and Heather Berghorst are in virtually identical situations other than profession. First, let’s talk about Doug. I mean here is one lazy sack of shit that lived off the largess of Berghorst Enterprises for years. Albeit, this is my opinion, I have yet to have seen a single lick made by Doug — other than maybe solo in the toilet stall — in earning his pay. My beliefs are substantiated by former Berghorst Enterprises employees and friends whom have known both Doug and Heather Berghorst for several decades. Doug is the epitome of that which is not manly. I mean how do you look your children in the eyes? I’ll tell you how, since you bled the company dry funding tuition, cars, motorcycles, vacation homes in the UP of Michigan, Doug probably thinks he is pretty slick. I beg to differ. While his half tard son is playing toga party at the frat house, innocent men and women along with their children may loose their homes. You, Doug Berghorst, are a pathetic excuse for a man.

I digress. In Rahim, the Court dealt with the same type of perpetrated fraud. Doctors were the ones in that case whom pretended to be broke without ability to pay. Now, for the purposes of an Obama Administration Income Tax filing, the Berghorst’s might be able to zero out and show themselves eligible to collect food stamps; however, the bills that they are alleging are not for the basics of survival. You see, Doug and Heather Berghorst brought on A. Todd Almassian — Albert so I guess the mystic of the A is gone — a partner of Keller and Almassian. Almassian is yet another member of the Freshman Lawyers Guild in that his ears are still drying off with a juris doctor being awarded in 1996.

Helping deadbeats of society must be right up Almassian’s alley and kudos for yet another substantiation of why each and all are ambulance chasers to me! The reason I say that Almassian finds it en vogue to represent deadbeats is that the profit from such representation allowed him to recently purchase a historical building for his new offices at ONE MILLION DOLLARS with a tax assessment freeze in place for ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS through 2018. As opposed to the normal and noxious scum Almassian slums with inside the courtroom, the Berghorst’s are a new low. They will, potentially, call into credibility the very law licenses which Almassian worked so hard to obtain I have no doubt.

Now, little Al is going to get a bit worked up and quite frankly I could give two shits. The evidence does not lie. While my blog is opinion based, I actually have the evidence not to mention the recent 9th Circuit decision covers my ass a lot better than the knee pads do his knees. I mean this could be the Holy Grail. Get the Berghorsts and an ambulance chaser in on fell swoop?! The reality is that Al baby stepped into a pile of knee deep shit. In the same way Heather Berghorst didn’t tell her last Freshman Lawyers Guild pretty boy the complete facts when he threatened me and I told him to suck my dick, so I fear Al is rapidly racing towards the precipice. But, hey, who knows, right?! I mean maybe Altisource and the gang welcome a shitload of CFPB Complaints. I mean maybe all of the Clients get wood sitting around thinking about CFPB attorneys beginning to crawl up assholes with microscopes? Then again, maybe everyone will see the wisdom in a 707 Challenge?

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