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BREAKING NEWS: Heather Berghorst Files Bankruptcy

BREAKING NEWS: We are receiving information from Contractors that disgraced former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, Heather Berghorst, has filed for bankruptcy. Now, why Eric Miller and Adam Miles continue to allow her to be a Member of the NAMFS Regime I have no earthly idea. Miller whom has stated all along that there is no evidence nor proof to base Ethics Hearings upon has finally fallen flatly upon his face.

I also received bankruptcy papers from berghorst this morning.. Not getting no responses no more from Altisource!.??? Now I’m really pissed!!

Altisource was Berghorst Enterprises single largest Client. We anticipate the fallout to be severe and flirting with the One Million Dollar mark. Liens and Complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) are anticipated. We will attempt to get a copy of the paperwork so that all Contractors may file into the Bankruptcy to make claims. We will additionally list all of her assets and her family’s assets including children as a tremendous amount of money, property and vehicles were streamed through them. Finally, her $600,000 former Berghorst Enterprises Headquarters at 593 HERITAGE COURT HOLLAND MICHIGAN along with their vacation homes, one of which is reported to be on Sugar Island in the Michigan UP, will be eligible for liquidation. More on this fast breaking story tonight as I am on the road to Cambridge, MA.

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