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Great Lakes Property Specialists On The Black List

Great Lakes Property Specialists (GLPS) has a problem. Great Lakes Property Specialists do not like to pay Contractors. A simple look at their Website tends to reveal why these clowns are such a pathetic excuse for the Property Preservation Industry today. I mean .biz for real?! Generally, I would not have interceded upon this Contractor’s behalf; I mean if I saw a website like this I would have figured they were criminals anyway, but the guy seemed to be hurting and it has a Heather Berghorst Connection. Great Miken Construction Connection as well there Eric Miller.

GLPSThis Contractor has been owed monies, around Twelve Grand, since February or so. The email below has been redacted a bit while we wait for replies from US Best Repairs and Altisource … I am sure the answers will be boilerplate, but I know lawyers at both Firms and as they are cited as originators of some of the work I am trying to be politic. All of these National Association of Mortgage Field Services Members know and agree tacitly with the screwing of the Common Man in my opinion.

Hi Paul, I have been reading your post about NAMFS and Berghorst Enterprises. I am one of the contractors that is being slow paid by Berghorst but im am slowly cutting them off. I feel if I stop all work immediately I will never get paid. the real reason im writing you is to see if you can investigate another company like Berghorst. they are from Taylor MI. their name is Great Lakes Property Specialists. the owners name is Jason Mazei. I began completing work for them last xxxxx. I have completed over xx jobs for them in just under a x month period. I have not received payment from them since early February 2013. I recently started googling the company and it appears there might be many contractor out there that this guy has screwed over. This company is very similar to Berghorst in the sense of no or slow payment, altering bids and photos, bogus chargebacks. I would love to see this company fall flat on his face. he is still in debt to me for $12,625,50. and I do know he bought 3 new vehicles this year. Please let me know if you are interested in this one. thanks again and we all appreciate the info you give us.

We found an interesting Bankruptcy Filing (Chapter 11) in the US District Court which is for a Jason J. Mazei in May of this year. Will prove to be interesting if it is the owner whom owes money as federal law is VERY PRECISE IN NOTIFICATION OF THOSE DEBT IS OWED TO.

So, look. Not much I can even add to his Statements. I mean it is now common knowledge that Heather Berghorst, owner of Berghorst Enterprises and National Association of Mortgage Field Services Secretary is slow paying when she pays at all. What I do know, though, is that Great Lakes Property Specialists is yet another Michigan Firm to pop up on the Radar. It is looking like Robert Klein may have some competition for the dubious title I created, Huxter of the Year.

Just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. Hey Heather, you remember Great Lakes Property Preservation? Yeah, the ones with the Tripod Website? Yeah, small world I would say.

Could it be …

Jason Jeffery Mazei

Age: 35
Birthday: 2/**/1978
Fredricka Ann Mazei, Harry Dwayne Mazei, Raymond Francis Mazei Sr
Taylor, MI 48180-6843

  • Rockwood, MI 48173-1014
  • Milan, MI 48160-1330
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1656
  • Redacted

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