Accusations Leveled For Termination Over Jealousy At Berghorst Enterprises

Tonight’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast featured a former Team Leader at Berghorst Enterprises. Owner Heather Berghorst is both the Secretary for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and a long time face for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

During the Interview which was explosive on all fronts including stating that Heather Berghorst was offensive to Contractors whom asked to be paid, it was revealed that after a night of liquor and partying with Doug Berghorst (Heather’s Husband) until around 0400 AM, Heather had the employee’s urine tested for alcohol and drugs and then fired.

Doug Berghorst was never tested for drugs. Doug Berghorst still continues to be on the Berghorst payroll. Only one way I am able to look at this: Any first year law student could spin a wrongful discharge suit with their fingers broken. More on point, though, is the mentality which is becoming prevalent at all levels of National Association of Mortgage Field Services Membership. In this instant case, though, the implications of drug fueled infidelity are front and center.


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