Sat Apr 1 2:38:13 EDT 2023
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FreddieMac: $200 Winterizations

Bulimia nervosa preservationa:  The Condition wherein National Order Mills gorge upon profits and force Contractors to vomit the expenses.  This is a life threatening condition folks!  You know the recent bullshit being spewed by National Provider Order Mills (NPOM), Regional Provider Order Mills (RPOM) and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills (OUPM) have been slinging this song and dance that cutbacks are forcing their moves to cut pricing.  Hmnn, yeah I spelled it right BULLSHIT!  Let's take a look for a moment:

From the FreddieMac Approved Pricing Matrix Section 1 - 4:  Code 090001, Single door secure, rekey - $200.  Code:  090002 . . .

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