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NAMFS: No Date For The Prom

I had a flashback to my high school days when I opened my email a couple days ago.  US Hardware, in its infinite wisdom, has spun up a pathetic piece of Spam on behalf of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).  I felt like I was sitting in the boys bathroom reading the pleadings of someone scrawled out on the stall trying to get a date for the ugly girl at prom.  By way of comparison, Nancy Reagan had it right:  Just Say No!  Anyway, here’s a part of the spam email sent out:

Dear US Hardware Supply Customer,

If you are not currently a member of NAMFS, I would encourage you to consider joining.

As a contractor in our industry, you will benefit by networking with other companies of like interests and concerns, learning from the experts and getting connected to the regional and national organizations looking for additional vendors.

See the invitation to join below, and visit their website at to learn more about how this organization could benefit your business.  If you plan to join, US Hardware Supply would be pleased to be one of your sponsors.

Thank you for choosing US Hardware Supply as your hardware supplier. I look forward to meeting you in Chicago this September if you join and attend the annual conference.


Mark Clark

Here is the reality Mark.  I will never buy another product from your Company again.  Second, I am going to suggest that no Contractor ever buy another product from your Company again — yes, that means I recommend a complete boycott of your business Mark.  In my opinion, any Contractor whom buys from your Company is not a friend of Labor!  Finally, spam email like this has never motivated anyone, that I know of, whom has common sense to buy a product.  At the end of the day that is what you are hustling Mark; you want Contractors to buy a product.

Now, as if that wasn’t pathetic enough, NAMFS has to climb up on the soap box and beg as well:

We would like to invite you to take a look (or another look) at NAMFS.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013. As part of our celebration, we are continuing our efforts to bring members of the mortgage default services industry closer together through membership in our organization. No company is too large or too small to participate in, contribute to, or benefit from our organization.

Here’s a newsflash Eric Miller:  No one is going to give part of their $15 per lawn cut to support your unholy salary!  Why would they take a second look?  See, Nancy Reagan’s slogan comes ringing in as so poignant with respect to this!  You know folks, the Contractors are the ones buying the locks and other accouterments necessary for the Industry to perform these services.  The reality is that if NAMFS has stooped to such depths as to need cheerleaders I would say that Eric Miller and his ex LPS crew are worried.  Everyone whom reads on here knows that Eric Miller has refused to answer any questions with respect to the nearly one hundred thousand dollar raise awarded to the Executive Director (yup, that’s the position he serves in now) for merely working a 40 hour work week.  The President of NAMFS attempted to explain she was having a bad day because her, “…Vice President was caught in the rain…” as if we didn’t understand how rough that is.  Hell, I don’t know of any Contractor whom has a Company with a Vice President!  Do you know why Eric Miller?  Because at $15 per lawn cut we can’t even pay ourselves!

I, for one, want nothing to do with NAMFS.  The is absolutely nothing they have ever done for the millions of dollars they have pulled in to benefit the working man!  NAMFS goes out of its way, in fact, to protect their Membership from having to pay debts owed to Contractors in the Southeast!  They are much like Congress in that they have an innate need to consume enormous amounts of cash and need to continue to find new avenues of getting it.  Let me go a step further here.  Everyone knows that I have a serious problem with Robert Klein and his monstrosity Safeguard Properties.  I have more respect for he and his firm than NAMFS!  Klein, et al., are no idiots.  I have yet to see Rob and the Cleveland crew stooping to having Spam Email sent out to get folks to join up with them.  At the end of the day that is a horrible position; the position that you are below Safeguard Properties.

At the end of the day, NAMFS is, in my opinion, a consortium of wealthy Industry Order Mills.  They have no interest in the average Contractor whom actually does the work in the field; they seem more concerned with collecting money for Golf Outings and financing Conventions.  In my opinion both US Hardware and NAMFS should be avoided like the plague by Contractors whom do Property Preservation!

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