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Former Carol Boyd Tenant – Employee Breaks His Silence

You know, Carol Boyd owner of Boyd Property Preservation and National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member is the Poster Child for why the NAMFS Regime Board should face indictments. In the latest account, Boyd’s former tenant – employee has leveled accusations of veritable slavery. These, coupled with the permanent injury and disfigurement to his mother which occurred on Carol Boyd’s personal jobsite may be the final nail in her coffin.

Mr.Williams we are writing you in concern on the Carol Boyd case. My name is Partrell Browner and my mothers name is Annie P. Browner we worked for Carol Boyd in the year of 2011.  While working for Carol Boyd we went to work in the morning around 7am and did not come home till late night around 11pm or 12am. We worked a lot of hours and was told we had to finish the job or not get payed and that point we was getting payed every two week I was told I was getting payed 8 dollars an hour but have not saw any proof of that. There was some weeks I did not even get a check were I lived in the apartment that Carol Boyd owned.  I thought when I first started working for her that she would cut my check and then I would pay my rent but it did not go like that.  We cleaned property and land for hours a day and was not given water nor cleaning supplies nor lunch breaks.  My mom Annie was on a job one day and hurt he foot and Carol was there and never one time ask her if she needed to go to the doctor but told her she needed to finish the job.  To this day my mom’s foot is still giving her a lot of problems and will never heal. We work in fleas, roaches, chiggers, etc.  Carol Boyd does not care about no one but her family.  I have a small son and had to work for my family to have a roof over their head.  I don’t have any paper work because we was not given any nor do we have check stubs or tax papers because she did not give us any.   The dump truck Carol gave us to use was really old and we always ran out of gas.  I drove the dump truck with no tag and no insurance and she knew that the tag was dead and did not care.  We had to call her with our own personal cell phones when we was done so she could come and look at the work we did. We just want justice done and no one else to go thru what we have been thru with Carol Boyd and family.

Eric Miller, Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime, has been aware of the Carol Boyd issues. In a testament to precisely the type of character Miller has, he refuses to institute Section 2.6 (a)(3) of the NAMFS Regime By Laws. I have had the displeasure of profiling many of humanity’s worst in my time. Never, though, have I encountered a profile like Miller’s and his NAMFS Regime Board. Turning a blind eye to a woman injured? How are people able to sleep at night?!

I want to be very clear here in what I am about to say. Section 2.6 (a)(3) states in pertinent part, “Conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Association.  Upon determination by the Board of Directors that a member has engaged in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the interests or purposes of the Association, the Board may vote to terminate the membership of that member.”

So, if the NAMFS Regime Board does not find the issuance of bogus checks across state lines; the refusal to pay employees both wage and overtime; and the permanent injury and disfigurement of an employee to be “…Conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Association.[,]” then I believe it poignantly expresses precisely the character of each and every NAMFS Regime Member. These are all representative of only Boyd. The examples go on and on.

We are going to assist the Browner’s with filing Complaints with the Georgia Department of Labor. We are additionally going to assist Ms. Browner with obtaining a Worker’s Compensation lawyer. As I see it, all of this could have been prevented had NAMFS Regime Members not allowed criminal behavior to be rewarded time and time again.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.




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