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Anybody home? Think, McFly. Think!

Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS) is a Company whom NAMFS Regime Members are jealous of. I mean here is a Company whom not only has been defrauding Mortgage Field Services Contractors, but seems to have absolutely no problems flaunting their obscene profits over on Facebook. Virtually every single case we have reviewed has Altisource listed as the Originating Client. Many may remember Altisource from the countless issues they have overseen pertaining to National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members. Here is the latest email,

We were hired from property preservation division/  Michigan realty solutions/ Altisource. The head person was Jay Goscinski.  [W]hen I wasn’t getting paid I took all the contracts with the work that we did and what was owed to us, and put it on a spread sheet and sent it to Kevin Przywara, who is related to Mr. Goscinski.  They took 6 weeks and I still wasn’t getting anywhere. They just sent me a small check but they have never been caught up with what I know they owe me  and what they want to pay.  And the new paper work I printed off on 1/19/2014 they have taken off small jobs that was owed me, thinking I would not catch on, and never get paid for.

The irony about MRS owner Jay Goscinski, is his hypocritical position. Goscinski almost lost his own home to foreclosure. Here, read his own words describing the destitute position he put his wife and children in,

I was only days away from loosing my home to foreclosure, feeling all alone, asking myself “how could this happen to me, my wife, my children”.

So, it is odd that Goscinski would go to such extremes to throw Contractors under the bus. Is it really, though? Goscinski goes on to reinforce that the Foreclosure Industry did him wrong,

Once the victim of an unscrupulous “foreclosure specialist”, Michigan area broker Jay Goscinski knows what it feels like to be facing such a crisis, and to endure the consequences. That experience was the driving force behind his desire to become a true foreclosure specialist with his client’s interest at heart, and that’s exactly what he did.

Altisource’s Legal Department has been aware of improprieties with multiple National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills which we have reported upon here. Whether it be the Breech of Contract wherein Companies placed Contractors on Repayment Plans or the latest unconstitutional fiat Contract issued by Goscinski, at some point-in-time Altisource is going to eventually be named in litigation. This is probably little solace to the Financial Institutions whom will soon be staring down a veritable tsunami of Property Liens.

Below is the latest Memorandum Demand issued by Fiat. Goscinski demands Contractors sign it or loose work. One the one hand Contractors may choose to depart; however, the reality is that if they leave Goscinski will hold their pay hostage.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”480″]

The reality is, though, that I have very little sympathy for Contractors anymore. Goscinski’s white jacket on his Facebook Page reminded me of a man with a very fragile ego; a man attempting to be a Godfather fan. This, alone, would have had me avoiding him like the plague.

The reality is that there are very few Contractors left in this Industry. Anyone whom does not perform due diligence upon Order Mills invites their own demise. What really, really gets under my skin though are those whom reach out quietly hoping that they will be able to leverage their money and stay off the grid. In some ways, these Contractors are no better than the Order Mills screwing them. With that said, Michigan seems to be a hotbed for corruption.

In closing, the reality is that Contractors are going to continue to get screwed. I stand by my prediction that the Industry will eventually become predominately a W2 environment. The Contractors and I use that term loosely have brought that upon themselves. The Industry knows this. Rarely, will Contractors go to Court. Most simply lie down and take it DEEP and then request another helping.

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