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Rebuttal Interview: Kimberly Crider & Company

We spoke with Kimberly Crider and several others this evening whom wish to be Interviewed to contradict some of the material Carol Boyd’s ex sister-in-law discussed. The material points are more with respect to their families as opposed to Carol Boyd herself. The consensus was that the depiction of Carol Boyd was accurate. With that said, we anticipate the Interview to be later this week.

 The Foreclosurepedia Podcast will always entertain differences in opinion provided that they are based in both fact and not an attempt to vex legitimate journalism. Crider should be complimented for reaching out as that is the beauty of the First Amendment. It is something that the NAMFS Regime should try someday.

We have received information, in the past, wherein people wanted to opine differently than our Guests. Foreclosurepedia Policy is that unless people go on the record; even our anonymous sources must present written verification, we will not entertain their folly.

COVID Interview With Industry Veteran

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