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Foreclosurepedia: The Heisenberg Of Property Preservation

I am often asked precisely how it is that Foreclosurepedia is capable of both developing the Actionable Intelligence which I do and more on point how it is that I am able to do it underneath the corrupt noses of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Gus Fring explains to Walter White in Breaking Bad, that one must be capable of hiding in plain sight. We all, the banksters included, do what we do for the protection of the family unit. Walter White and his alter ego Heisenberg, both attempt to protect that which they perceive to be important. With White, he attempts to protect his wife and son, while Heisenberg attempts to protect the extended family of Jesse Pinkman and his associates.

Foreclosurepedia, it is fair to say, is my alter ego; Labor is representative of my extended family.

Foreclosurepedia is a known unknown to quote Donald Rumsfeld. Therein lies the quandary. The eternal question is What Is The End Game. As many Firms have already approached asking me a price to simply go away; as many NAMFS Regime Members have attempted to sue and never reached the Court House, one begins to legitimately ask these types of questions. You see, though, it is semantics. What was the reason for defrauding Contractors? Why file bankruptcies when you could have easily paid your debts? Why target and allow to be targeted African American, single females with children in the Southeast? Finally, How Much Is Enough?! That is the real question I ask of those whom ask me. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?!

I look at the Mortgage Field Services Industry in the same, clearly defined lenses which I study myself through. You see, if you are a NAMFS Regime Member and stood by while your extended family of Membership shit all over someone, you are as guilty as they. Period.

Forelcosurepedia has stayed the Test of Time. I like to think that we are doing quite well, when by way of comparison, many of the stolid names within the NAMFS Regime are gone. Even more on point, though, many of the stalwart and legacy NAMFS Regime Members are gone in disgrace. You see, in a protracted and asymmetrical conflict, people begin to ask serious questions. Those questions, though, are mere projections of fear and fear is the mind killer.

For those curious about the motivations, the following is issued. I have not lost a home. I am not owed money by the Industry. My family is all deceased so I have no grievance surrounding them. I have a personal problem with the wealthy having this misunderstanding that they are allowed to rape and pillage as if in feudal England. Our Forefathers did, as well.

So, we are going to introduce a new phase of documentation. When a Contractor presents a legitimate grievance, we are going to bankrupt two NAMFS Regime Members. Let me clarify that statement. Based upon the information I release gleaned from Sources and all the while hidden in plain sight, financial institutions and portfolio holders choose not to continue business with those whom have broken cardinal rules. No slight of hand; nothing illegal as at no price will I be swayed away from my opinions unless those offenders change their ways.

The weakness which Contractors have exhibited across the board has emboldened the corrupt wolves tending to the sheep. Weakness invites the wolves to prey upon the sheeple — Contractors — wherein strength and a straight spine would have slain them.

I have no stomach for weakness; I do not tolerate it in my 4 year old son, nor do I find it to be admirable in grown men and women. In a society which has so many safety nets, the fight has been predominately removed from people. The sad fact is that the men have been emasculated and the women branded with Scarlet Letters. People so willingly accept scripts issued to them and portray the downtrodden rolls they are expected to. Jump through the hoop boy and the master will let you shine his boots. No mistaking it in the Industry. I mean look at the Circus which Lee Mertins ran. Even Ernie Stepkovic was terrified; Ernie was shown to be child with tinker toys that Mertins, the wolf, knew him to be. And where is Mertins now? More on point, though, whom is cleaning up the mess? You see a zebra does not change its stripes — sexually or otherwise. How much more so, though, with the Mertins & Co. being brought on over at Assero vis-a-vis 24 Asset Management by Eduardo San Roman?

With the collapse of Asset Management Specialists (AMS), we saw the proliferation of legacy actors thrown to all corners of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. We saw this with Buczek Enterprises as well. It is deeply disturbing that while Contractors must run the gambit of Background Checks and are black balled at will, those whom defraud the are given carte blanche and rewarded for such atrocities. Throw in the disgraced, former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst; throw in her second bankruptcy and fraud charges pending in federal court, and you get the picture.

Numbers to me, like Pythagoras, are a religion. Everything in life has a numerical pattern. With that said, the numerical pattern of Order Mills is rapidly deteriorating. How, precisely, do I come to that conclusion? Well, The No Order Mill Left Behind Mission which the NAMFS Regime is currently engaged upon is about numbers. In light of the ZVN Properties break away from the NAMFS Regime in the creation of their own Regional Trade Association known as the Midwest REO Association, the reality is that the NAMFS Regime numbers, as predicted by Foreclosurepedia, are in a death spiral. Here, let me explain,

John Dyer, President of Nova Title Agency and co founder of the Midwest REO Association, was both poignant and clear that the NAMFS Regime had both become impotent and that the corruption within the NAMFS Regime had become so massive that it was beyond salvage,

Some of the national REO trade associations have lost steam and influence in recent years, mainly because they are not entirely in tune with regional issues and it is difficult to draw members to events that are clear across the country. The MRA will rectify that situation in the Midwest Region of America”

Dyer, along with Bryan Lysikowski, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ZVN Properties, were calculated in their announcement of the Midwest REO Association. More on point, though, the timing of the announcement speaks volumes. Like the chastisement of a petulant child, Dyer and Lysikowski accorded the respect to the Five Star Conference at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. Probably more wise as the NAMFS Regime could not even afford coffee or water for their guests at the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 in Orlando last week.

Eric Miller’s illegal and unconstitutional appointment of Joe Hummel, co founder of Keystone Property Services, was undoubtedly the final straw breaking the backs of many NAMFS Rank and File whom have grown weary of the corruption and bankruptcies ongoing with respect to the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors. Word on the bricks is that the only way that Hummel was appointed to the NAMFS Regime Board was through bribery. While I have no proof of this, I would tend to agree with many folks whom are saying this privately. With less than a yearseated on a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Committee and nearly the same time in the NAMFS Regime itself, Section 4.4 of the NAMFS Regime By Laws was clearly violated.

Section 4.4  Minimum Qualifications of Directors

National members and Regional members of the Association are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.  The following are the minimum qualifications and requirements for service as a Director:

  1. a National or Regional member in good standing with the Association for at least two (2) years
  2. prior service on an Association committee as either a member or Chair for at least one (1) year

NAMFS Rank and File have had time to reflect over the fact that the NAMFS Membership do not even have the ability to vote upon ANYTHING that the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors do. When NAMFS Rank and File are paying Eric Miller well over ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND+ DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES to do nothing more than oversee corruption, disillusion begins to sink in. In fact, Eric Miller has been fighting to keep secret the NAMFS Regime Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 which reports precisely how much money is brought in and where it is spent. Miller has additionally been fighting to keep secret the NAMFS Letter of Determination which governs the NAMFS Non Profit Status.

To communicate precisely to what lengths Eric Miller will personally go to in his campaign to ensure the American Public remain in the dark about the NAMFS Regime and their questionable Non Profit Status, go no further than Foreclosurepedia’s Request For The NAMFS FY2013 IRS Form 990 and Letter of Determination. Foreclosurepedia sent its Official Request on 20 July 2014. To date and in violation of federal law Eric Miller has personally, under color of state law and as an employee of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) refused to produce the NAMFS Letter of Determination.

The NAMFS Regime has become a financial liability for many within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Whether or not ZVN Properties took this into consideration, I do not know, when they formed the Midwest REO Association. What I do know is that as I predicted months ago, the incestuous relationship between Eric Miller and Aspen Grove Solutions is only now being recognized for the money skimming enterprise that I said it was. Ironically, Foreclosurepedia laid out all of the framework of the players whom were involved and the precise timelines of how Aspen Grove Solutions would bankrupt even the Order Mills.

Lender Processing Services (LPS), now Black Knight LPS (BKLPS), has had a heavy influence upon both Aspen Grove Solutions and the NAMFS Regime. With respect to the NAMFS Regime, virtually all current and past NAMFS Regime Board of Directors have a BKLPS origination. Paul Magaha, the current NAMFS Regime Treasurer; Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime; Chuck Sockol, the former NAMFS Membership Treasurer — it is worth noting that Sockol worked wonders for ASONS while at BKLPS, was hired as an ASONS Vice President with a cushy 6 figure+ salary, became NAMFS Regime Membership Chairman with a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF ACCESS TO personal and private NAMFS Rank and File information and now is over at Aspen Grove Solutions doing what he has done really since he entered into the Industry.

We just got off the phone with a Ms. McKenzie (sp?) over at IRS. Our call was, in part, to get verification of the National Association of Mortgage Field Service‘s (NAMFS) Letter of Determination for Non Profit Status with IRS. By in large, IRS Publication 557 covers the intricacies of whom and how donations may be received. This dovetails into a large exposé Foreclosurepedia is running later this week.

IRS STATED THAT THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MORTGAGE FIELD SERVICES DOES NOT HAVE A LETTER OF DETERMINATION. You do NOT want to miss our Article on the subject later this week and the ramifications for virtually all of the NAMFS Regime Website!

The reality is that over the years the NAMFS Regime has set up shop in multiple jurisdictions across the United States; however, always kept true to their Delaware Status. Oh, you weren’t aware of the fact that the NAMFS Regime is actually a Company out of Delaware? NAMFS was registered in 1988 as 2179302 with the Delaware Secretary of State as “NON PROFIT OR RELIGIOUS”. I suppose you could go the extra mile and call the NAMFS Regime the Cult of Eric Miller. J. Calvin Williams, Jr. — no relation to me — is an Elder Law Attorney and listed as the NAMFS Registered Agent. Interesting.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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