Foreclosurepedia Looking For Call Screener

We are going to begin a weekly live radio program towards Thanksgiving, 2013. This endeavor is being financed by an anonymous donor whom has a vested interest in radical Industry change. If you are somewhat tech savy, have thick skin and common sense and have a distrust for Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, this could be the job for you!

The ideal candidate will be able to remotely commute. They will not have had any felonies within the past seven (07) years and no criminal convictions against persons. If you smoked some reefer and didn’t inhale, hey we have no issues!

A Call Screener is just what it sounds like. You screen the inbound calls, tell them to turn down their mic, summarize their Topic, shoot over the Blast to my Screen and put them on hold. You additionally collect their information should we end up sending them anything.

If you have a desire to get into the Production End of Talk Radio then this is a good way to do it without having to learn Sound Engineering. Blog Talk Radio is one of several Platforms we will experiment with.

If you are interested, send me a BRIEF BIO on whom you are, your Internet Connection Speeds (Up/Down), why you are interested and what you feel you can bring to the Table. We will make arrangements for a Yeti Microphone (that’s what we use and simply like the Quality and will additionally get you a Copy of Camtasia). So, no overhead for the Selected Candidate.




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