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Foreclosurepedia Crosses 1000 Articles

With a little over two years under the belt, Foreclosurepedia has hit a milestone. We were updating all of our Statistics as we prepare to migrate Servers and realized that we now have 1002 Articles! Much to the chagrin of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, Foreclosurepedia has stood the test of time and shown that it is, if nothing else, prolific in the documentation. Our Subscribers are rapidly approaching the 700 Subscriber level. Our advertising partners are really the only thing, though, that keeps the lights on. Google AdSense predominately keeps the lights on. In a testament to precisely why Contractors are in the state of affairs that they are today, our actual reader Donations account for less than six one thousandths of one percent. We had 7 people Donate. 6 of the seven people were substantial Donations and one person is a monthly, recurring Donation. So, we thank them for supporting what Foreclosurepedia does.


As we look back over the Mission Statement Foreclosurepedia has subscribed to over the past several years, we have come to realize two things. First, there is a need for what we do with respect to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Second, it is unfair to those whom actively support what we do in providing the same level of access to those whom believe they have an entitlement.

A large problem with the Management vs Labor wars is the sense of Entitlement. Without a doubt, the vast majority of Complaints that we reviewed over the years — probably well over one hundred thousand now — dealt with a Craigslist Contractor whom believed that s/he was entitled to payment even though they did not follow the requirements of the work order. Don’t get me wrong, Management is not the epitome of the Altar Boy; however, less than two out of ten Complaints we deal with are what I would call legitimate.

As we have begun to enter into some new fields such as Property Baggage, a website dedicated to Potential Contractor Liens, and the ISTAR Clear Base, a Due Diligence Website dedicated to vetting Contractors and Clients alike, Foreclosurepedia is making a move to begin to discontinue casting pearls before the swine to quote a biblical passage.

The reality is that Q4FY2014 is rolling in with issues which the Talking Heads out there whom pretend to cover the Industry are not equipped to handle. The reality is that Contractors have lost perspective of that which is important. The interconnectedness of the Mortgage Field Services Industry with the subversion of judicial authorities such as those in Cleveland and a multitude of other judiciaries involved in the movement of properties from US Citizens to Non Profit Organizations under penalty of jail time for refusal. Placement, layering and Integration.

Cognitive degrade. That is where we are today. The Mortgage Field Services Industry is merely a small cog in the microcosm of a macrocosm. Contractor fraud is merely a blip on the screen.

As many have already noticed and written to us about, a good portion of our Articles have gone behind paywalls. For those folks whom piss and moan that Foreclosurepedia should continue to grant the same access to not only Foreclosurepedia, but the ISTAR Clear Base that Industry Insiders receive, I would recommend you take a look at your current business. This type of mentality would go a long ways in explaining why you are both bankrupt and have a Back Billing level which is probably twice that which you make. More on point, though, it might simply be more prudent to head over to the other websites that write on the Industry as they are more cost effective.

Paul Williams
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