Why NFL Cheerleaders Are Like Industry Contractors

With the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime meeting at the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014, the true colors are showing through. As many learned yesterday, the NAMFS Regime broke its own By Laws in the appointment of Joe Hummel to the NAMFS Regime Board. Not surprisingly, neither Hummel nor Keystone Property Services, had any comment. Odd, really, for a guy whom purported to want change within both an Industry and Regime plagued by fraud and corruption. Or, sounds more and more like there was far more to those listed in the email I got from FH Areny last week --- remind me to write about the Keystone Property Services connections someday.

[...] the case began when two cheerleaders with the Oakland Raiders accused the team of forcing them to work hundreds of hours at games and public appearances without pay. In addition, the cheerleaders argue that the team has significant control over their work, suggesting an employment relationship, rather than one between an organization and a contractor.

Any similarities there? Let's see: You MUST -- USE Aspen Grove Solutions for Background Checks or no work on a huge portion of Industry work. You must stream your photos --- remember these are photos to which you own the creative rights as they are not syndicated --- and work orders via Aspen Grove Solutions to be paid through the new Aspen Grove Solutions deal. You must spend hours and hours of data entry and uploads to archaic servers which are both unprotected and non responsive in some cases. You will experience multiple periods of time during the year when your check is missing, short or flat just isn't sent.

How about insurance. Did you know that you are not entitled to Obamacare if you are an independent contractor? Yup. That issue was brought up in the FedEx lawsuit wherein all of those independent contractors whom drove the trucks ...

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