FNMA Recruitment In CA, CT, NH, MA, OR, VT Begins

FNMA Prime Vendor Looking For Skilled Field Service Technicians

Foreclosurepedia is assisting a Fannie Mae Prime Vendor whom is Recruiting in California, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Vermont. As many know, Fannie Mae assets are very lucrative when it comes to the acceptance of bid work. Additionally, the normal horrors of chargebacks and insanity normally associated with the Mortgage Field Services Industry, are not as prevalent on their assets.

If you are interested in working with the Prime Vendor for Fannie Mae Direct in the aforementioned states, please fill out the below form which will be transmitted to the Prime Vendor.


FNMA Recruitment CA, CT, MA, NH, OR, VT

FNMA Recruiting Form

Full Legal Company Name

Enter as: 123-456-7890

Type website like: http://www.foreclosurepedia.org

Select One

List by County and State

Select One

Click Each Item That You Possess

Enter a brief description of your Company and skill sets.


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