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HUD Secretary Ben Carson Proves He Has No Idea What He Is Doing

The USA Today ran a piece yesterday that proved HUD Secretary Ben Carson has no idea what goes on with foreclosures. I mean if seeing his hands folded in virtually every picture he ever takes didn’t give you a clue, his inability to read HPIR’s maintained in his P260 should! It really isn’t that surprising, though, seeing that Acting Director for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Southern Command, Kimberlee Satterfield is allowing HUD Prime Vendor, Innotion Enterprises, to illegally require electrical backfeeding in Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. And if anyone were to report it and they worked for HUD Prime Vendor Purdy Enterprise, whom Satterfield has authorized Anti Whistleblower and Non Compete provisions, they would find themselves in court. To make things even worse, Secretary Carson just authorized over Six Hundred and Sixteen Thousand Dollars to protect Innotion Enterprises! So much for draining the swamp!

For years, HUD has authorized the use of bleach and spray paint to cure mold in all of their foreclosed properties accepted under the M&M Field Service Manager (FSM) Contracts. That is why when USA Today reports the below, it is the epitome of complete and total bullshit. Note to self: Draft a complaint with the American Medical Association against this fucktard.

Residents of Florida and Houston’s mold and toxic air and water concerns after floodwaters receded are the latest example of the nexus between health and housing that is becoming a top priority for the Trump administration’s housing chief.

Had Secretary Carson taken three seconds to review any of the nearly One Billion Dollars in HUD M&M FSM Contracts he recently authorized, he would have understood that his statements made him look like a complete and total idiot. Not surprising, though. When both Foreclosurepedia and the Society of Field Inspectors (SOFI) delivered to him, personally, a report on how National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members were publicly making available all of the HUD Master Key Codes and additionally NAMFS Members were selling HUD Master Keys for a dollar apiece, his solution was to change a few key codes which were still for sale at a dollar apiece. In fact, Foreclosurepedia recently dressed down Secretary Carson for his impotence and obvious disdain for protecting hundreds of millions of dollars in assets owned by HUD.

There’s a going to be a lot of mold and things that are unhealthy for people, so we’re going be there making sure that the restorations are healthy in that sense, too,” Carson said in an interview.

Are you fucking shitting me, Ben? How about the families walking through the HUD Properties sold everyday by the US Government? How about giving Craig Karnes and Kimberlee Satterfield a call and inquiring as to why they continue to turn a blind eye?! Moreover, though, simply pasting the words FOR SALE AS IS does not protect the men, women, and children whom actually view the homes, unsuspecting! Ben, grow a pair, a REAL pair! Hopefully, Secretary Carson can get away from his wife long enough to actually do a service to the American Public and begin protecting Minority Females and Labor instead of being led around by the nose by Whitey in the Beltway!

Paul Williams
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