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This entry is part 17 of 18 in the series The Corruption of HUD Contracting
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HUD Pays Over Half A Million Dollars To Keep Innotion Enterprises In Power

This entry is part 17 of 18 in the series The Corruption of HUD Contracting

Kimberlee Satterfield, Acting Director, US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), recently oversaw $616,787 in payments to PK Management. What were those payments for? Glad you asked. Satterfield had to assist Innotion Enterprises in maintaining their recent HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.10 Contract Award in Region 6A covering Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. Now, why is this so important to pay attention to? Well, Satterfield has done everything in her power to continue allowing Innotion Enterprises illegal and life threatening electrical backfeeding. And her vacation, recently taken, happened to coincide with this half million dollar request.

HUD Form 24102 Authorized 23 August 2017 — Satterfield Is Working Overtime To Protect Innotion Enterprises

Let me attempt, to put into perspective, what Kimberlee Satterfield has attempted to prevent the American Public from understanding. In the three states which Region 6A covers, there are roughly 1800 properties, give or take, according to the REO Inventory and Activity Trend Report by HOC / State as of 04 September 2016. This is directly from HUD. Roughly 320 properties were newly acquired for the month during that timeframe. So, we have 1480 properties which require a routine grass cut and 320 requiring an Initial HPIR done. The Mortgage Field Services Industry average price for a Routine Grass Cut is $35. The Industry average for the Initial HPIR is $375. So, 1480 Inventory Properties times $35 per Routine Grass Cut equals $51,800. 320 Newly Acquired Properties times $375 per Initial HPIR equals $120,000. Total payments for both services should equal $171,800.

I want these numbers to sink in for just a moment. That means that Satterfield was willing to overpay $444,987, to keep her patrons at Innotion Enterprises in power. And I want to be very candid here. Kimberlee Satterfield has her hands in a hell of a lot of jars wherein she is authorizing and overseeing illegal activities by two HUD Prime Vendors, Innotion Enterprises and Purdy Enterprise.

Here is the official request placed by Satterfield’s lackey, Chuck Hoyle, HUD Contracting Officer,

[tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe file=”” width=”800″ height=”800″ download=”false” print=”false” fullscreen=”true” share=”true” zoom=”true” open=”true” pagenav=”true” logo=”false” find=”true” language=”en-US” page=”” default_zoom=”auto” pagemode=””]

Everyone needs to keep in mind that Innotion Enterprises already had an office, staff, and equipment in place for their Illinois Award. Region 6A is in the Atlanta HOC, the same as Illinois. So, right out of the gate, Satterfield and her staff did everything they could to line pockets. Even more importantly and to the point is that Satterfield has a vested interest in keeping the American Public in the dark. How do I come to say this? Craig Karnes originally released the REO Inventory Report, directly to me, noting that it was allowed and did not require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request. When we requested an updated report from Satterfield, whom is now in charge of the HUD M&M Program, she refused to do such. While normally this is simply an inconvenience, half a million dollars goes a long ways in convincing government employees to turn blind eyes.

Who is exactly running HUD is the question many are asking today. Now, at every step of our investigation, Kimberlee Satterfield has attempted to refuse to answer questions. In fact, Satterfield, whom replaced Craig Karnes, as the Acting Director, Southern Command, would appear to have absolutely no oversight whatsoever. Although Karnes states that he is Satterfield’s immediate supervisor, Karnes appears to have absolutely no interest in oversight.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson is, unfortunately, proving many of the Beltway Pundits correct in that he is incapable of running a large government agency. Going back several months ago, Carson half heartedly attempted to address security issues with respect to National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members publicly distributing the HUD Master Key Codes to all HUD owned foreclosed properties. In fact, NAMFS Members, to this day, continue to sell these HUD Master Key Codes for a dollar apiece. And to put it bluntly, if you are down on your luck and want to illegally equip your home, your friend’s home, or hell, thousands of homes with appliances, all one would have to do is buy a set of keys from a NAMFS Member like MFS Supply and steal the appliances. Need to support your crack habit? Those keys open the doors and it is a veritable buffet of copper wiring, piping, and HVAC systems, all for the taking, thanks to NAMFS Members and HUD.

It is naive for Secretary Carson to believe that this will not happen. It was borderline criminal for Karnes and his Team to have allowed this to go unchecked for nearly two decades. Are you curious what the price paid was? Well, Karnes just got back from a week long absence taken on the heels of his subordinate, Kimberlee Satterfield’s vacation. And you have to wonder, I mean REALLY WONDER, whom paid for those vacations? Almost gives one a sense of meetings with X Files Cigarette Man in a greasy diner in a booth in the corner or perhaps the Thin Thread program over at NSA. You know, low number, non sequential bills in a brown, lunch bag fished out of the trashcan with two, white chalk lines at the base.

The reality is that HUD has become even more corrupt than it was before the most recent HUD M&M FSM 3.10 Awards. And to that point, HUD OIG and Inspectors both are running across the country, Illinois in particular, putting out fires which Satterfield and Karnes have allowed to ignite. In fact, here is how it is described by one Member of the Foreclosurepedia Nation, with respect to how horrific the Innotion Enterprises Contracts have become,

Troy Spring their QC Manager told us that [electrical backfeeding was mandatory] at the initial training session. What you have to understand is this company is a complete shit show. They were awarded on June 5th. Al Espinoza did nothing for a month and a half. His answer was to hire Troy Spring from BLM at the last minute to set everything up. They had one meeting with Troy running everything. They have since hired Eric Hall who was  a QC Field Service Manager under PK. He is completely incompetent as well and  was let go by PK. Finally when things start going extremely bad (They inherited 700 code violations and WONs from PK) and they were and are getting NRTS (not ready to shows) on everything.  They hire this guy Daryl William to be their field QC inspector. This guy was fired by Janice Cooper at CooperCitiWest for gaming the system. So Al has basically on boarded the leftovers. In addition they have hired Property Managers for $10 and hour. Some of them are working out of their houses on there own computers. They call from their own personal cell phones. They have never had any additional training. I don’t know if you have noticed but HUD awarded PK an extension  of services in 6A . Innotion’s other zone. The big story is not their requirement of back feeding. It is the fact that they are failing and HUD is not happy with there performance as April Cooper at Alpine puts on the pressure. Every property that has had initial services performed on is being flagged by Alpine as not ready to show. I have attached award documents.

We were able to confirm with Sources at First Preston that the Innotion Enterprises properties were abysmal. This begs the question: is Kimberlee Satterfield invoking the mandatory $50 per occurrence, per day fine? If she is not and employing it against others, it could be criminal under the right settings. It is a good question. What we do know is that Satterfield is refusing to allow anyone to know anything, which continues to fuel my and other’s suspicions that Satterfield is being paid off in one way or another. Perhaps her promotion was the originating bribe? Was it the vacation being subsidized or perhaps a refi on her home in the Atlanta Area? Perhaps aid in kind to close friends and colleagues in Chicago?! It also leaves open for question whether or not Craig Karnes will ultimately step in. When it comes to HUD, it is anyone’s guess.

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