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This entry is part 24 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud
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Eric Miller: The New Battered Contractor Syndrome

This entry is part 24 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud

I always find a morbid sense of humor when contractors tell me about how they got paid and the world is a great place. They jump up and down like children on the first day of spring. It reminds me so much of how battered women praise their boyfriends when they don’t hit them that day. They jump up and down like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Contractors are identical. You see, it is this type of psychosis; it is the normalization of chargebacks and outright fraud, that has desensitized Minority Females and Labor. Why should contractors be grateful that they were paid? I mean this is the quintessential definition; this is the classic DSM version of Battered Contractor Syndrome which I wrote about several years ago. Instead of being thankful that contractors finally get paid for a few jobs instead of a list of chargebacks and cancelled work orders, a la Altisource, Minority Females and Labor need to stand up for their rights.

The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) Code relating to Battered Contractor Syndrome would be ICD-9-CM with a Diagnosis Code of 995.81. The  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) IV-TR would probably going to remain silent on Battered Contractor Syndrome (BCS) as it is novel in its application — the DSM is dependant upon funding anyway. To continue, though, the pathology is clear cut,

  • The abused thinks that the fraud was his or her fault.
  • The abused has an inability to place the responsibility for the fraud elsewhere.
  • The abused fears for their life and/or the lives of their children (if present).
  • The abused has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.

There is NOTHING NOVEL about the pathology involved in BCS. It is classically mistaken as a Love – Hate Relationship.

Pat McTaggart and the the #OpAltisore Crew are back at it again. Driving drunk, spread eagled in the middle of the road, cranking out new excuses for Birdsey Group and now Laudan Properties. In a page straight out of the Berghorst Enterprises‘ and Buczek Enterprises‘ playbook, McTaggart is reinforcing her complete and total hatred of Minority Females and Labor. And it wasn’t simply Heather Berghorst, the former and now disgraced National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Secretary, nor only Adam and Amanda Buczek, whom created a multimillion dollar fraud scheme of which Patricia McTaggart oversaw and refused to make right that reminds America of why foreign nationals are dangerous. Southeastern Assets LLC (SEAS) was the super producer of fraud in their last days and Patricia McTaggart, up until the VERY LAST DAY, continued to send money to Robert Kapeluch, then the SEAS Operations Manager. Not surprising, really, when we look at the sophistication of the fraud which Patricia McTaggart, Senior Manager, Consumer Relationships, Property Preservation and Inspections, is cooking up. We are seeing the continued Neo Nazi influence of the all white NAMFS Board of Directors permeate the landscape within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, more and more. Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS; Miller whose salary is over One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Dollar per year and consumes over Seventy Five Percent of all NAMFS member dues, has overseen tens of millions of dollars of fraud perpetrated against Minority Females and Labor since his coronation. And Miller’s election has never been ratified by vote of all NAMFS Rank and File. More on point, though, NAMFS has spiraled into near financial insolvency, under the burden of Miller’s salary and incompetence, according to their latest IRS Form 990 Income Tax filing which showed only $24K in cash reserves.

NAMFS posted a NEGATIVE $47,283 as revenue for Fiscal Year 2015
NAMFS earned $493,036 and spent $540,319 — That is $47,283 more than they earned
NAMFS provided $84,000 in compensation to “…disqualified persons as defined under section 4958(f)(1) and persons described in section 4958(c)(3)(B) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).”
NAMFS Membership Revenue declined by $41,340
NAMFS Program Service Revenue, their lifeblood, dropped by $71,365
NAMFS Total Assets dropped another $56,661 — NAMFS Cash On Hand is now $27,403

McTaggart has, for years, made it clear, at least to me, that she hates Minority Females and Labor. Her hatred is visceral and it knows no bounds as we have seen lately. To say she is racist would be wrong as she hates whites even more which was recently demonstrated in South Carolina and Georgia. McTaggart and the Altisource thugs have embroiled themselves in yet another #OpAltisore Campaign by allowing Reid Schermer and Mike Dougherty, the Birdsey Group Fraudster-in-Chiefs by creating the #TowerOfFraud, the Birdsey Group computer array system which has systemically defrauded tens of thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. And a point of reference, here, for those late to the game. Schermer and Dougherty have upped the fraud game to a spectacular level and it has been underway for over a year now. Birdsey Group’s response? Gag orders against those they defraud and the introduction of Version 3.0 of their

By late January, 2014, Altisource had Deep Sixed Berghorst Enterprises. The problem was that they reentered into Contracts with Heather Berghorst under a new company name — Heritage Home Solutions. From late January, 2014, through May 29th, 2014, Altisource continued to send Berghorst work. The problem which presented is why did pay from Altisource to Heather Berghorst continue knowing that Contractors were not being paid and why did Altisource initiate a new working relationship with Berghorst under a fraudulent shell company for yet another 100+ days?

Here is how Marce Wright, Berghorst Enterprises’ Operations Manager explained the crime in January, 2014,

Berghorst Enterprises, LLC has decided to move forward with a name change, our new company name will be Heritage Home Solutions, LLC. No need to worry – you will not see any changes on your end, except for the name.  Our vendor agreement, pay terms, pricing, management, staff, etc. remain the same. — Marce Wright

When the curtains closed, Berghorst filed bankruptcy. And when Fifth Third Bank filed objections to the filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection in the US Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Michigan —14-04293-JRH, even Altisource had to throw the towel in. Curious how much cash Heather and Doug Berghorst made off with? EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND FORTY SIX CENTS! Curious how much personal property — and REMEMBER to review their Bankruptcy Filing where they say they had JACK SHITFIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SEVEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE DOLLARS! Foreclosurepedia was contacted by Fifth Third investigator, Austin Gentry, requesting assistance tracking down much of her illegally stashed loot stolen both from the Bank and Minority Females including her summer cottage on Sugar Island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

And we are identifying all those whom are providing the work to Birdsey Group and Laudan Properties and people are going to be especially surprised when we release those results. It is simply incredible how many hands which Altisource orders pass through before landing at these firms.

We are putting together is a network of organizers whom are former Industry contractors. Foreclosurepedia assisted these folks getting out of the vicious cycle of abuse by Pat McTaggart and her racist, Neo Nazi NAMFS Cronies. We are going to identify Birdsey Group’s collaborators; we are going to daily address the crimes of Patricia McTaggart, Altisource’s financial terrorist, and we are going to ensure that whether you are in California or Georgia, the American Public will be notified of your predatory actions.

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