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This entry is part 12 of 18 in the series The Corruption of HUD Contracting
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BLM Companies Skates On Violation And Homeowner Gets Billed

This entry is part 12 of 18 in the series The Corruption of HUD Contracting

The total and complete debacle which has become the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) Field Service Management (FSM) Contract is best viewed through the eyes of a homeowner in Battle Creek, Michigan. Foreclosurepedia reported, last year, upon how BLM Companies, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Member, was incapable from performing services upon a Battle Creek property. For months, Realtors had been attempting to contact both BLM Companies and HUD with respect to getting the property maintained. The property, located at 66 Thorncroft Avenue, Battle Creek, had begun to represent all things blight orientated. When Realtors were unable to to reach either BLM Companies or HUD, Battle Creek Code Officers, then, in turn, reached out to both parties. This, too, was unsuccessful. It was simply another chapter in the abysmal failure which the HUD M&M FSM has become. Fact of the matter is that BLM Companies were awarded far too many territories under the HUD M&M FSM 3.8 and that such occurred with little to no oversight by HUD. At least that is the official opinion. Many believe it has more to do special dispensation to people like John Bravacos and his ability to whisper in ears.

Foreclosurepedia spearheaded the campaign under the most recent HUD M&M FSM 3.10 Contract offering. We ensured the illegal requirement, which BLM Companies continues to force, of electrical backfeeding. Based upon, in part, our lobbying, HUD required both line item bidding and contracts in place with Labor, to justify pricing. Additionally, Foreclosurepedia played a pivotal role in ushering in over a dozen small businesses — real small businesses and not proxies of CWIS, PK Management or ASONS  — into the bidding cycle. The jury is still out with respect to whether or not HUD will grant them a legitimate place at the Contracting Table.

Craig Karnes, the Director of the HUD M&M, has done more in this cycle of bidding, under the HUD M&M FSM 3.10, to assist small businesses in competitively participating, than in the entire history of the HUD M&M cycle combined. Our hat is off to him. In the instant case, Foreclosurepedia reached out to Craig Karnes, HUD Director of the M&M Contract in Atlanta, earlier this week. Karnes agreed to have a GTR look into the matter and make whole the homeowner, if justified. And at the end of the day, that is all that US Taxpayers want.

With that said, though, we know that BLM Companies were lying about maintaining the property. This is what gives Foreclosurepedia pause. If there are no penalties to submitting documents into a federal computer database which are false, then what is the motivation to ever be honest? If I committed perjury, I would be in prison. It appears, though, that HUD is recalcitrant in the addressing of false claims, across state lines, using electronic means, in the furtherance of an artifice and scheme. Until the recent HUD M&M FSM 3.10 offering, which Foreclosurepedia believes will roll out extremely soon, there was a near stranglehold upon HUD, US Taxpayers, and home purchasers combined. Today, as we are near to the 3.10 roll out, the true benefits of business as usual are being reaped. In the instant case, both the prime vendor, BLM Companies, and the US Government, failed the homeowner. Even more egregious is the simple fact that absolutely nothing will happen to the prime vendor whom fleeced not only HUD and US Taxpayers, but the homeowner themselves.

So, what is one to do? Is everything which HUD does now suspect based upon its apparent fear to penalize its billion dollar army of prime vendors?  The continued refusal of HUD prime vendors to do anything other than collect their ill gotten gains must end. Moreover, HUD needs to take responsibility for its actions, or lack thereof. I say this as Foreclosurepedia has brought multiple whistleblowers forward whom have been demonized or simply never listened to. And with John Bravacos, advisor to both ASONS and CWIS, on the HUD Transition Team under now HUD Secretary Ben Carson, the question of legitimacy has never been more serious. CWIS was under investigation by the HUD Office of the Inspector General recently with those results put on ice. If Carson is to be simply another bobble head, Foreclosurepedia will take the plight of Minority Females and Labor to his doorstep, as well. And there are many whom are not concerned, but outright terrified that Carson doesn’t have either the salt nor the experience to do anything other than play the token race card with respect to his new appointment. And the Industry doesn’t need another Julián Castro, marking time, at HUD.

And while everyone sits, with bated breath, for the next great evolution of the HUD M&M FSM Contract Awards, the real question is whether or not HUD will even enforce the latest provisions it has embedded. Will the ever so cozy relationship between HUD prime vendors, John Bravacos, and HUD continue to fleece US Taxpayers — and homeowners as we saw earlier — or will there be change? Will the HUD Mortgagee Compliance Manager (MCM) and HUD begin to address the illegal charge back strategy which National Field Representatives (NFR) and Han Cossingham have engineered on behalf of Wells Fargo, or will it remain the Trump Swamp 2.0?

Foreclosurepedia is going to follow the evidence no matter where it takes us. We have always been a Friend of Labor; we have always exposed the greed and corruption of those NAMFS Offender Members whom have raped and plundered Minority Females and Labor, and we will continue to fight against the desires of Denia Graham and her push to establish required educational modalities to work upon Wells Fargo properties. The money grabs stop and they stop NOW!

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