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Denia Graham Making The Rounds With Labor In Her Wake

National Real Estate Solutions (NRES) has just announced the appointment of Denia Graham as their new Chief Operating Officer. Graham, whose long term association with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), has many wondering whether or not Brian Mingham’s trifecta of business, NRES, Pacific Preservation, and Vectra, may be preparing to toss in the towel and join. While always stand offish about NAMFS, it would appear that NRES is not just signing off with NAMFS, but jumping in, with both feet, into the Swamp which Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, has created. Miller, whose salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues, has been piloting the nearly financially insolvent trade association for nearly half a decade now. Mingham, NRES CEO, had this to say about Graham’s appointment in DS News,

We are extremely excited to have Denia join our executive team and feel that her extensive experience with operations, technology and compliance is just what we need as NRES’ growth plans and future continues to look bright.

Not everyone is onboard with Mingham and Graham’s vision, though. Much like a revolving door of recycling everything that is wrong, Graham’s appointment is indicative of the Mortgage Field Services Industry refusal to create new vision for a three decades of failure outlook. Instead of admitting that fraud against Minority Females and Labor is wrong; instead of looking through the same old optics that Management may do nothing wrong, people like Graham like to offload the burden upon the most vulnerable in our Industry, Minority Females and Labor. In fact, over the past four years, Graham has cycled in and out of the an identical number of firms including, Nations Property Solutions, Aspen Grove Solutions, and BLB Resources. And while Graham cites her vision with respect to HUD as one of the highlights of what she is bringing over to NRES, Labor is not sold that this is anything other than another six figure salary NRES will pay before paying that which they owe contractors whom are actually doing the work. A simple read through of the BLB Resources – Ken and Barbie Show will give some insight to how the ramping up of chargebacks will soon be coming down the pike at NRES. Am I saying that compliance is a bad thing? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that if you are running a multimillion dollar corporation and you cannot even control your people, is adding yet another name and title to the roster going to solve all the problems?

What we know, for sure, is that Graham is seated on the NAMFS Government Relations Committee. For quite sometime now, Graham has been working extremely hard to create a standardized training portfolio for NAMFS. These training modules, which will reflect the proverbial kickback to Graham and her Team, will be required to work upon Wells Fargo properties. Graham’s anti Labor approach has been always seen for what it is: Force expensive compliance measures down upon those whom can least afford it. And when her ambitions continue to fall short of her talent? Chargeback Minority Females and Labor to hide her shortcomings.

This is business as usual on steroids. In fact, while Graham consulted to the Mogadishu DMV we all call Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), the only thing which changed was that Management did not pay and dime and Minority Females and Labor paid for her free ride there. For anyone whom is familiar with the abysmal failure which AGS is, Graham’s simple association with AGS casts the dye deeply enough to make most, within Labor, nervous at best. Foreclosurepedia spoke with several folks whom are familiar with Graham’s operations style. While knowledgeable, Graham has always presented with We Can Force Labor To Shoulder The Burden attitude. Read: She is going to have to justify her six figure salary and it is not going to come out of Mingham’s pocket. And remember, there is pervasive cycling of Graham, in and out, of all these seedy NAMFS Offender Member firms. Why, with such frequency, did Graham quit — or get given the boot?!

With an almost Groundhog Day effect, what we are seeing is that the larger firms are continuing to onboard six figure a year salaried hacks. Now, remember, six figures, plus bonuses, plus relocation, plus expenses and benefits BEFORE THE FIRST DOLLAR IS EVER MADE! I want that to sink in. Before the Minority Females or Labor make a single dime, NRES and other firms must pay for this insanely heavy overhead of the Ivory Towers! In a time when volumes are lower than ever; in a time when even Fannie Mae is tightening the belt and restructuring in Dallas, why would you want to add another quarter of a million dollars in debt? Ah, such a Grand Bargain; it is always good to see that the top heavy, Ivory Towers, have plenty of money to hire yet more NAMFS Queen Bees.

Without getting into the weeds, there is one thing which the Industry may take for granted with respect to Graham and her placement at NRES, Graham is going to get hers!

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