GTJ Consulting Broker Information Not Secure According To Google

GTJ Consulting 100 Days Behind In Pay And Website Potentially Compromised

GTJ Consulting, a Fannie Mae vendor, is front and center in controversy as Fannie Mae hosts their conference in Dallas, TX, this week. Foreclosurepedia is fielding multiple reports that GTJ Consulting, a Fannie Mae vendor, has not paid Minority Females and Labor for nearly 100 days. GTJ Consulting came up on our radar for tremendous security breaches and outright disregard for security standards which they have never fixed completely. In fact, many of GTJ Consulting’s files are still widely available on the internet with a simple search of their website. Even their published General Manager, Jason Knoll, is no longer with them. I guess so much for the legitimacy in RFPs. Here is a quote from Foreclosurepedia’s original article back in 2014,

Not being able to pay is the least of GTJ’s problems, though! In all my years of investigating the Mortgage Field Services Industry, I have NEVER SEEN the lack — no strike that, the ABSOLUTE DISREGARD — for Information Security as I have with respect to GTJ Consulting! Candidly, Mike Rowley, GTJ Consulting’s alleged Network Engineer, must be surfing porn and playing Call of Duty — no, Call of Duty would have prepared him a bit as the work arounds would require #IRC knowledge — because there is ZERO FUCKING SECURITY going on at GTJ Consulting. If I were Brandon Johnson, the first thing I would do when I finished reading this Article is fire and sue Rowley. Then I would commit suicide for being such an incompetent hack. I would then pick up the phone and find someone whom knew how to get ahold of Foreclosurepedia and hire us IMMEDIATELY! In Full Disclosure, everything which I am displaying, is in the open with simple Google Searches. In fact, GTJ Consulting’s Patent on Real Estate Software are worth about as much as the dick cheese hanging from my nuts! — Patent Number 20090265207, Property Management System and Method for Operating the Same

As if that was not bad enough, the entire GTJ Consulting website, including their Broker Login, is easily compromised and reported as NOT SECURE in the Google Address Bar. While the Fannie Mae Regime may not care about the fraud committed against Minority Females and Labor; while the Regime may not care about their information openly flaunted due to GTJ Consulting incompetence, there can be no turning a blind eye to the Broker portion of the GTJ website which is criminal negligence in my opinion.

The GTJ #HouseOfFraud has been rolling around for years. And for those of you reading this article and not having the balls to put it in front of Fannie Mae, Foreclosurepedia is taking note of that. And if you are interacting with GTJ Consulting while at the Fannie Mae conference, Foreclosurepedia is going to know as those security cameras have IP Addresses which are accessible from the internet. Whether or not Fannie Mae will do anything other than their support for the all white, male dominated prime vendors we do not know. What we do know is that we have the ability to publicly shame those whom bury their heads in the sand. Simply scan Google for those whom Foreclosurepedia has squared off with in the past.

In fact, GTJ Consulting has done jack shit to fix many of the issues which have been around since 2012. Here is the display of our continued access to their internal work order notes,

GTJ Notes:

12/11/2012 – Andrew Cracchiolo:
From: Anthony Djurasaj Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 1:11 PM To: ‘Bradley Nash’ Cc: Jason Knoll; Alex Samul; ‘Morris Hall’; ‘’; ‘Michelle Aspseter’; Sean Conley Subject: FYI / Approved Repairs / Submitted GTJ WO #: 1813089 / 1426 Mariposa / Wixom / MI / 48393 / 893678] Good afternoon, Per the approval below, we completed the following on: 12/7/12 1. Replaced wood, installed felt and shingles to roof to prevent any further water intrusion. 2. Installed new hose from bathroom vent through roof to aid in the prevention of moisture collection. Total cost: $ 750.00 Photos: Please let me know if you have any questions.
11/29/2012 – Jimmy Osmialowski:
From: Anthony Djurasaj Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 1:22 PM To: Michelle Aspseter Cc: Jason Knoll; ‘’; Bradley Nash; Sean Conley; Alex Samul Subject: Review Required / S&S Repair Estimate / Submitted GTJ WO #: 1813089 / 1426 Mariposa / Wixom / MI / 48393 / 893678 Good afternoon, Estimate / Needs Review Per extraction inspection, the following issues were identified: 1. Replace wood, install felt and shingles to roof to prevent any further water intrusion. 2. Install new hose from bathroom vent through roof to aid in the prevention of moisture collection. Total cost: $ 750.00 Photos:
11/29/2012 – Jimmy Osmialowski:
From: Alex Samul Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 11:25 AM To: Maximreo Cc: Jason Knoll; Mike Blevins; Anthony Djurasaj; Sean Conley; K. Craig Subject: RE: Submitted GTJ WO #: 1813089 / 1426 Mariposa / Wixom / MI / 48393 / 893678 Kim, Per your work order below, we re-treated the attic at no cost. We are further investigating the areas of the roof which are missing sheeting. Photos:
11/16/2012 – Jimmy Osmialowski:
Environmental inspector dispatched

So, while GTJ is rubbing shoulders with those at the Fannie Mae conference, I hope that this article gets some real discussion going on inquiring how it is, precisely, that Fannie Mae is being double billed and potentially facing millions of dollars of liens in the coming weeks. In fact, why not just take a look at the Wisconsin snow removal. It is our understanding that the only time it is happening, now, is upon broker request and then only with one person.

For years, Fannie Mae has allowed sub par firms like GTJ Consulting to have deplorable scorecards while stand up firms are marginalized. The hyper ventilating National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members whom gather and fawn over the Fannie Mae suits have proven, time and again, that they would gladly sell their daughter’s virginity for prime vendor status. In fact, Fannie Mae has turned a blind eye, for years, to the plight of Minority Females and Labor, and I challenge they to reach out and examine some real evidence with respect to GTJ Consulting as well as other prime vendors.

And while we are talking about Fannie Mae and its white conference in Dallas, there has been a lot of buzz, lately, with respect to the use of clear boarding. Clear boarding, or, polycarbonate, is being fast tracked to replace conventional plywood in the foreclosure industry. Robert Klein, of Safeguard Properties infamy, launched his flavor of the product dubbed SecureView. Cyprexx, as well, rolled out a product known as InvisiBoard. Both product lines have invested millions in both lobbying of municipal, county, state and federal officials as well as material acquisition. And while word from the Fannie Mae conference down in Dallas is that only these two are approved, to date, for use upon Fannie Mae properties, no government is willing to require what might only be termed as an anti trust issue under the Sherman Act.  In both cases, materials are being provided to subcontractors to install running afoul of the clearly defined separation of W2 employees from W9 subcontractors.

From the beginning, the reality is that while both SecureView and InvisiBoard may have unique models for affixing the product, the reality is that both are simply sheets of polycarbonate. And from what Foreclosurepedia is being told, neither are bona fide Makrolon products as they are both manufactured with recycled materials thus reducing the opacity of the material.

And with so many competing narratives with respect to how to address blight, one has to ask why not simply cut the grass and replace the windows? At the end of the day, the problem always has been and always will be too many people trying to make a quick dollar off the backs of the victims. What I mean is that at all levels of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, intermediaries attempt to both add unnecessary products, such as clear boarding, which Labor and homeowners foot the bill for as well as force administrative, cost based tasks such as background checks which are not required by municipal, county, state or federal governments. And these costs are not trivial. At nearly one hundred dollars a pop, the background checks, alone, are a cash cow bringing in millions of dollars a year. Are they overpriced? Well, Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), which is the only provider whom has been sanctioned by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), charges only seven dollars for a general contractor’s background check in Arizona. The identical check in this Industry, provided by AGS, is nearly one hundred dollars.

Boarding has always been meant to be a temporary fix for a security problem. The problem is that while the very financial institutions which caused the crisis and left us with hundreds of thousands of vacant, foreclosed properties were given hundreds of billions of dollars, including Fannie Mae, the reality is that none of them have felt the need to properly apply those funds anywhere other than extremely affluent, and white communities. When we look, time and again, at how the financial institutions and government sponsored enterprises continue to alienate minority communities it is appalling. And when one looks, across the board, at where both sectors choose to board versus reglaze and replace, the racial disparities are remarkable.

And here is the real kicker, several days ago, the stock price on Fannie Mae dropped 30% upon a court ruling that hedge funds and other investors could not pursue numerous legal claims accusing the US Government of seizing their profits following taxpayer bailouts. I mean you cannot make this up. Fannie Mae appears willing to allow any form of cash infusion, including potential bribery by SecureView and Cyprexx. I have no other explanation why polycarbonate could not be purchased on the open market nor why only SecureView and Cyprexx appear to be the only distributors on earth capable of providing the material. And as Foreclosurepedia has previously reported upon Robert Klein has been pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into political and election campaign cycles.

Foreclosurepedia will join forces, in the coming months, with those whom are planning to file suit over Fannie Mae’s anti trust violations in their support for only two providers in the clear boarding space.

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