BLMREO: Inside The Innotion Enterprises Cover Story

BLM Companies Joins CWIS LLC as Public Enemy #1

For years now, Amos Alexander and Al Espinoza, Innotion Enterprises COO and Founder respectively, have been cooking up a secret sauce and serving it up to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a legal and unique product. The packaging has been BLM Companies, a HUD Marketing and Management (M&M), Field Service Manager (FSM) Prime Vendor. And the valuation on that false packaging? BLM Companies is slated to rake in nearly $500 Million dollars with $111.7 Million with an average ceiling of $16 Million in FY2016 alone. Not too shabby for a company which was both unknown and unfunded in FY2014. Questions, though, have begun to pile up with respect to this Hurricane, Utah, based firm. Questions such as precisely whom controls BLM Companies and whether or not their Awards were illegal to begin with.

What, might many ask, is the reason for coming forward after nearly two years of Brent Martin’s robo direction by Amos Alexander? While many may believe that they have the power of direction, power is illusionary. Fact of the matter is that the perversion of justice has become so extreme, that BLM Companies must be held accountable. In fact, as I type, the City of Battle Creek, Michigan, is cutting the lawn at a property which BLM Companies have perjured themselves by stating they have been maintaining — more on that in a moment.

Brent Martin, to many, is the epitome of everything which HUD has done wrong. Martin’s initial partnering with ASONS in the 1P Region, Michigan, and the 3P Region, New York, became abysmal catastrophes overnight. ASONS, ran by Milan Thompson, was unable to even keep Labor regardless of his daily pay regimen. With weeks going by without completing services, fact of the matter is that HUD gave special and preferential treatment to BLM Companies for a considerable amount of time and continues to do such today.

In an unprecedented move, HUD awarded Region 1P: OH; Region 3P: NY, ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, NJ; Region 1D: CO, NM, North TX, UT; Region 4D: WI, IA, SD, NE; Region 4P: OH; Region 5D: MT, ND, MN, WY; and Region 5P: PA, WV, VA, DE, MD to BLM Companies. This is over half of the United States and its Territories! To fully comprehend how massive this is, take a look at the below statistics provided exclusively to Foreclosurepedia,

While HUD has refused to allow the public to view BLM Companies scorecards, the reality is that their scores are rumored to be in the low seventy percentile — and that is with fraudulent reporting by both BLM Companies and others whom enter data into the HUD P260 on their behalf. Fact of the matter is that BLM Companies have been cooking the books with respect to the Inspections for quite sometime. In fact, as the Foreclosurepedia Nation may see, below, the City of Battle Creek, Michigan, levied fines upon a HUD property which BLM Companies was charged with taking care of. 66 Thorncroft Avenue, Battle Creek, Michigan, identified by HUD as 263-456343, has continuously been reported as being maintained and yet the City of Battle Creek’s Code Compliance Division levied fines for lack of maintenance. Where is HUD and the MCM on this?

BLM Companies is, in reality, Innotion Enterprises in all but name. When we begin to drill down upon the shaky foundations of BLM Companies, the entire structure begins to collapse. Take, for example, the C Level staffers whom are listed. Take Michael Temple, for example. Temple is listed on LinkedIn as the Innotion Enterprises Project Manager and an Indianapolis resident. Yet, Temple is listed as the Contractor PoC for Area 4P – OH, for BLM Companies as of 19 May 2016 when HUD last published its Field Service Manager Point of Contacts Document. The problem with is that Temple is mandated to live/work within the Philadelphia Housing Opportunity Center (HOC), not Atlanta HOC. More on point, though, Jeff Polen, also listed as the BLM Companies Contractor Point of Contact, is identified on LinkedIn as employed by Innotion Enterprises as a Project Manager. Polen is identified as an Arlington, Virginia, resident.

Like a chapter out of the World’s Dumbest Criminals, Jeff Polen’s Innotion Enterprises Phone Number listed as INNOTION ENTERPRISES INC, Jeff Polen, 4600 N Fairfax Dr Suite 804, Arlington, Virginia 22203, Phone: (703) 351-8151, Extension 118, still is in service at Innotion Enterprises. We attempted to speak with Polen; however, at the time of publication, we had not received a reply. More on point, though, the ENTIRE INNOTION STAFF DIRECTORY IS IDENTICAL TO BLM COMPANY’S. On Page 34,927 of the Real Estate Agent’s Online Guide, lists Polen; Polen’s Innotion Phone Number still works, while his colleague, Tiffany Garber’s Innotion Enterprises Phone Number no longer does. Garber was used as a litmus test as she was his colleague at Innotion and became employed by BLM Companies.

So, we are starting to see the salient fact that BLM Companies is, in fact, a shell for Innotion Enterprises. With respect to the above, though, we have criminal issues. You see, both Polen and Temple are legally required to live within the HUD Housing Opportunity Center (HOC) as they are listed as Key Personnel. In fact, Temple does not live within the Philadelphia HOC which controls Region 4P Ohio.

Foreclosurepedia recently interviewed Mike Murphy, the former Quality Control Manager for Innotion Enterprises. We spent several hours going over his interactions at Innotion Enterprises including during the period of time wherein Amos Alexander and Al Espinoza ordered the submission of fraudulent photographs to HUD during the multiple extensive HUD Inspector General Investigations. These claims were substantiated by multiple sources whom were present during the weeks of occurrence.

Murphy went far deeper, though. Murphy stated that there was a document in existence, which he could locate, which pertained to Amos Alexander financially supporting Brent Martin. Alexander is the current Innotion Enterprises COO and Martin is BLM Companies owner. In fact, in the nearly two hour long, taped interview, Murphy left little doubt that Alexander is running the shop at BLM Companies and that Espinoza, a Cuban native and founder of Innotion Enterprises stands to rake in millions as a direct result.

Martin has been a man whom either is periodically withdrawing from an unknown substance — Murphy states it is heroin — or is in dire need of mental health treatment. Foreclosurepedia spoke several contractors in the State of Maine when BLM Companies onboarded they out there. Upon ordering Labor to perform illegal backfeeding of the electrical systems, the contractors reached out to both Foreclosurepedia and  Central Maine and Power. We interviewed they and the Public Affairs Director for CMP, John Carroll. Carroll, in a half hour, taped interview, stated that Martin denied ever requiring backfeeding. Carroll also stated that they took these illegal actions seriously and would seek penalties against any offenders, including Martin, if so discovered.

Over the next several weeks we are going to introduce HUD to the real BLM Companies. We are going to make public the interviews we have performed and we are going to produce the real statistics which BLM Companies are terrified of being released. We are going to make sure that Brent Martin and Amos Alexander get the attention they deserve. It will be a roast for the century and if they have any doubt, they ought to give a call to Dave and Carolyn Ramagos and ask how those WDO Inspections are going.

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