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East Tennessee Snowpacolypse 2014

BREAKING NEWS: East Tennessee is under a Winter Storm Warning. By 1300EDT on 21 February 2014, we will be starting Emergency Operations. Schools have already closed for tomorrow up here. In Grainger County, where I live, we are expecting 5″ – 7″. To many up North that is nothing; in the South it is a disaster. With many items like canned food and bread gone in stores, it is going to be a nightmare.

We have already staged our Generator we use for Foreclosure Operations to rig power should ours go down. As we are rural and live on a farm, most of what we need is already bunkered here; we are preppers anyway.

We advise anyone in our Area of Operations to give a heads up to their Vendor Managers as most of them are down in sunny Miami or out on the Left Coast where drought has prevailed for years now.



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